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If you know anything about me, it is probably that I love food, cooking and healthy eats. If you know a LOT about me, you might have learned somewhere that I’m first generation Chilean-American (both my parents immigrated to this country in the mid-70’s, right before I was born).

So you can just imagine my utter and complete joy when these two loves just collided in my life. I recently re-discovered COCHAYUYO, edible seaweed native to my country, Chile. I say RE-discovered because according to my mother, I definitely ate it as a child during my summers spent in her hometown of Vina Del Mar, Chile. Technically this stuff is called “bulk kelp” but how fun is it to say the Chilean term: Co-cha-you-yo? That word itself is a party in your mouth.

After a little bit of research, I learned how insanely nutritious and protein-packed this cool piece of seaweed is and was floored. But wait…then I cooked it at home and I really fell over. In a word: YUMMY.

Before I get into the specifics of how and why you should be eating this gift from sea, let me just say that I have no clue why it is not more popular and widely used here in the states other than the fact that you need to import it from Chile. I bought it from an online Chilean importer: www.tuchileaqui.com. There is also a Chilean store in lower Manhattan called Puro Chile that sells it. Check. Done. That was easy.

According to eatingchile.blogspot.com, nutritionally Cochayoyo is “remarkable.” From their website, I found out that it's:

  • Crazy high in protein (often used as a meat substitute)
  • Practically fat free (not that I have a problem with good fats) 
  • Super duper fibrous High in minerals, especially Iodine Rich in Omega 3’s and essential amino acids (like other seafood) 
  • Over 100% of US Recommended Daily Allowances for: calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine and sodium. The last one not so bueno, but hey nobody’s perfect.

    Before you run off and buy it, let me first tell you about the flavor.  I mention above that its delicious, but the caveat here is that I prepare it in a super yummy way. To make it edible, Cochayoyo has to be soaked and then boiled or just boiled for 20-30 minutes. Simply strained out of a water bath, it doesn’t taste that strong and certainly doesn’t hold the strong sea-flavor of other sea vegetables. I really dig the texture, which is like a cross between a sponge and very al dente pasta. What’s cool about it, is that it magically takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it with. So far I’ve used it as a pasta substitute, in a stew and just alone sautéed with garlic and EVOO, recipe for the latter below.

    Finally, there is something emotionally satisfying and – perhaps this is entirely psychosomatic but dare I say healing – to know that I’m eating something that my ancestors have prepared and eaten for millions of years. According to my research, Cohayuyo fell out of favor with the middle and upper classes in Chile because it was considered a food associated with the lower, indigenous class. Their loss. I’m about to stage a Cochayuyo comeback!

    That it comes from the sea, where a lot of my favorite things come from, is yet another reason I adore this cool, magical thing called Cochayuyo.

    Easy Sautéed Cochayuyo:

    This is my “base” preparation for Cochayuyo. I’ll make this and then toss it in stir fry, add to stews or throw a fried egg over it for breakfast. My current favorite way to use this base is Cochayuyo “Alla Norma:” I simply pour my homemade tomato sauce (see my instagram for details), roasted eggplant, fresh basil and ricotta salata over it and I don’t even miss the pasta! Delish.


    Dried Cochayuyo


    Garlic – 2 cloves minced


    Boiling water


    If you can soak the cochayuho overnight great, but I rarely plan that far in advance, so I usually just boil it for about 20-30 minutes.

    Strain and reserve a little water in case you need it add more liquid later.

    Cut it up into whatever size pieces you like. I’ve chopped it into small chucks or longer strips to make it feel more like a pasta substitute.

    Heat up EVOO in a pan over medium heat and sautée the cochayuyo until is gets slightly crispy.

    Add the garlic and toss around for about 30 more seconds.

    Combine into any other dish or just enjoy solo!

    The Verdict: My son taste-tested this recipe and thought it was yummy!  So glad I can pass on this family tradition to my boys.... 


    As much as I love to travel, I hate coming home feeling unhappy about having gotten 
    out of my healthy eating and exercising routine. So I just don’t anymore.

    On my most recent trip to Lincoln, Nebraska, where I held a super intensive 3-Day 
    Teacher Training Workshop for PowerCycle Studio (amazing group of instructors, 
    worth the trip alone to hang with these people), I managed to stay on course despite 
    my PowerPeeps keeping me pretty busy. 

    Of course I packed my running sneakers; 8 mile run along Salt Creek, check. But I’m 
    just not the same if I can’t hit the gym and get a little plyometrics, HIIT and 
    straightforward weight bearing activity going. Most people look at what is usually a 
    pathetic, sparse hotel gym with dread. I kinda love them. They are almost always 
    totally empty, so I get to sing out loud to my music and do dances in the mirror. But 
    it’s also an opportunity to shake up a usual routine and get creative with what’s 
    available. In my case, as you can see above, there was nothing more than some cardio
    equipment (I’d rather run outside on cardio intense days), a few medicine balls, free weights  
    and two benches. No problemo.

    The basic format of how I work myself out at home in my Brooklyn apartment building gym 
    was the same here: 5-10 minutes of cardio with intervals, then 3 sets of 4 exercises – 
    repeat that cardio/ exercises situation 3 times with different exercises each round. 
    What I managed to do at this Lincoln Hyatt can be replicated in most hotel gyms
    So for that reason, I share so you can travel excuse free too!

    For my first cardio, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical (any machine will do) to make 
    sure I was warm. For the first 10 minutes it was easy to moderate and I multitasked: 
    typing up what exercises I was going to do for my first round on my phone. Then, for the 
    last 10 minutes, I alternated 30 seconds HARD with 30 seconds of moderate work. 
    So I ended up doing 10 intervals. 

    ROUND 1 EXERCISES: (3 sets)

  • Straight forward lunges holding 10 lb weights (30 total, 15 each leg). Because 
  • the room is not big, I went back and forth a few times.

  • Kneeling hinged back flys: kneeling on the bench with feet up and upper 
  • body hinged forward 45 degrees (core must be engaged to stabilize!) using 5 
    lbs in each hand, perform 15 lateral flies bringing shoulder blades together.

  • Decline Push Ups with Med Ball: Feet on the bench with med ball under one 
  • hand, perform a push up. Roll ball over to opposite side and continue. Do 12-
    16 total, but make sure its an even number so you hit each side same number 
    of times.

  • Scissor kicks with med ball: do this on the bench, alternating a tap with the 
  • ball to the leg that is kicking up. 

    10 minutes on any cardio machine going into the 30-second intervals right away.

    ROUND 2 EXERCISES: (3 sets)

  • Side to side lunges over the bench: with med ball in hand, standing to the side 
  • of the bench, jump up and over to opposite side. Repeat 30 times.

  • Curtsey lunges, bicep curl and side leg lift: using 5 or 10 lb weights in each 
  • hand, curtsey lunge one leg behind and to the side. While holding the lunge 
    static, give it a bicep curl. Coming out of the lunge, balance on the stabalizing 
    leg while lifting the opposite one to the side (this targets the outer thigh). 
    Repeat opposite leg. Perform 24 total, or 12 each side.

  • Skull Crushers on the bench: lying down on the bench perform 15 skull 
  • crushers using 10-15 lb weights. I like to hold my legs straight up at a 45-
    degree angle and lower/lift them slightly while I’m doing this. 

  • Bicycle Crunches on bench

    10 minutes on any cardio machine, going into intervals right away, but Tabata ones. 
    So 10 seconds easy, 20 seconds as hard as you can go.

    ROUND 3 EXERCISES: (3 sets)

  • Side lunge jumps: I use 5 lb weights in each hand and make this as plyo as 
  • possible 24 total, 12 each side

  • Plie Squats with bicep curl and shoulder press: As you can see in the photo 
  • above, I brought the benches close together so I can do the plie squats 
    balancing on them (remember there was no one in there the WHOLE time I 
    was working out ;) This further helped me keep my posture upright because I 
    did NOT want to fall off.

  • Spider Push Ups: I love these, the harder version is the bring one knee to 
  • same side elbow as you are down in the push up, but you can also do that 
    oblique move in the straight arm position of the push up. I did 12, 6 each side.

  • Walk the Planks or Commandos: Love these. As fast as you can do without 
  • form failure, in plank position bring forearms down one at a time, then go 
    back up to straight-arm plank. I did about 20.

    And there you have it!! I WISH I had video or more photos to demo these moves, but 
    I’m not kidding when I say I did not see a SOUL the entire time I was in there. And 
    I’m not above asking the cleaning people to do photo shoots with me.

    Because I wanted to focus on a take-with-you-to-any-gym workout for this post, I 
    also decided not to include what I packed in terms of my food. That’s a whole other 
    story…and I’m not quite sure I should divulge my slightly strange and, ok fine 
    neurotic, habits of bringing food on travel. This is enough for now!
    Safe journeys to those on the road and happy sweat to everyone.




    It's not even Halloween and my entire family have already been hit with a bad cold. I 
    am not the best role model when it comes to working out when sick. I hate missing 
    my workouts. My body doesn’t feel right if I haven’t moved and broken a sweat 
    in some capacity everyday. Despite feeling run down, despite my sore throat and 
    headaches, despite knowing better, I am still breaking a daily, albeit, sick sweat.

    I am, however, taking it down a notch because that’s pretty much all my body is 
    capable of and I'm listening to it. I’ve replaced my fast, endurance runs and intense
    studio classes (Tone, House, Brooklyn Body Burn and Modo’s hot flow yoga), with super slow,  
    shorter runs, easy elliptical / treadmill cardio and low key core and stretching exercises. 
    I’m avoiding hot yoga as much as I’m dying to go, because I’d prefer not to spread 

    Here are a few “expert” articles with advice on working out with a cold, which, it turns out,
    is not such a bad idea:
    Is It OK To Exercise If I Have A Cold? 

    Got A Cold: Should You Work Out? 

    They all pretty much say the same thing, “neck rule, no fever, listen to body, blah 
    blah blah.” Also hugely important that I didn’t read in many of the articles I perused 
    online, is sleep. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night is so massive to feeling 
    better and fast.

    Fighting a cold also happens in my kitchen. I swear by a smashed up concoction of 
    raw garlic, raw ginger, lemon and honey downed several times a day. Just because it 
    feels warm and cozy to cook something hot with chicken, I also made an immunity 
    boosting chicken stew featuring turmeric as the main ingredient. Turmeric is a 
    pretty amazing spice, known to have anti-inflammatory qualities, but is also an 
    immunity booster. Check out #5 in the following article: 10 Health Benefits of Turmeric

    Both of my cold beat down recipes are below.
    Sending healthy and germ free vibes to you and yours!

    Rundown but still running,


    CP’s Garlic Ginger Cold Cure:
    Using a mortar and pestle, smash up 1 clove of garlic with 1” chunk of peeled fresh 
    ginger. Squeeze in the juice of a lemon, add some cayenne and about a tablespoon of 
    honey. Hold your nose and gulp up to 2 tablespoons several times a day.

    Moroccan Chicken Stew

    Olive Oil and few pats of butter
    Organic good quality skinless chicken pieces (2 breasts and 3-4 thighs and legs. I 
    either cut up a whole chicken or the pieces from the butcher.
    Flour for dusting
    1 onion chopped finely
    2-3 garlic cloves, minced
    1 cup chopped fresh fennel
    1 tablespoon sweet paprika
    1 1⁄2 teaspoon salt
    1 1/2 teaspoon tumeric
    1 teaspoon cumin
    1 teaspoon coriander
    1 teaspoon ground fennel
    1 teaspoon ground pepper
    1⁄2 teaspoon ground ginger
    1 1⁄2 cups chopped fresh tomatoes or a can of diced tomatoes
    3 tablespoons lemon juice
    Up to one cup chicken broth (depends on how saucy you want it)
    I whole eggplant, cubed, salted and roasted
    Head of Romaneco Califlower, cut into chunks (optional and when in season)

    Sliced almonds
    Fresh cilantro

    Preheat oven to 400, cube and salt eggplant and place to “sweat” on papertowels 
    or dishtowels. Cut up Romanesco Califlower. I sometimes add more of the spice 
    mixture to these veggies as well. 

    Lightly salt and dust chicken pieces with flour and salt (if making this gulten-free or 
    paleo use almond flour).

    In a large oven-proof heavy or cast iron pan, heat few pats of butter and olive oil and 
    brown chicken on all sides. Do this in batches if your pan is on the smaller side.
    Remove chicken and set aside in a dish.

    While browning chicken, toss eggplant and califlower in EVOO and roast on a coated 
    pan in 400 degree oven. After 8-10 minutes turn so that they are brown on two 

    In same pan that you browned the chicken, leave remaining liquid and add more 
    olive oil only if needed. Sauté onion and fennel until soft (about 5 minutes), then 
    add garlic and all the spices. Continue cooking for a few minutes to blend flavors. 
    Add lemon juice and tomato and as much of the chicken broth as you want (use less 
    if you don’t want it to be too saucy). Let that come to a simmer for about 5 minutes.
    Return chicken to the pan and turn over a few times to combine the pieces with the 

    Put in the oven for about 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through (juices 
    run clear or use a meat thermometer). 

    Once out of oven add additional lemon juice, eggplant. Combine gently, Garnish with 
    cilantro and sliced almond.

    Dishing On My Own Marriage


    Marriage advice is kinda bullshit in my opinion. There is no one size fits all. Relationships are so unique, complicated, uneven and confusing just like the people in them. I’m certainly not on a soapbox when it comes to this department. That's not what this post is about. Perfection is unattainable in every aspect of life, especially this one.

    I’m unconventional, as is my husband, so naturally the way we work, or not work, together mirrors those qualities. I’m also extremely straightforward. Please be advised if you feel judgmental thoughts seeping in as you read this, close the browser. This is not where you should be.

    All that said, I occasionally feel a need to get personal and write about things that many people won’t say out loud. This is one of those times. So, (cue deep breath) here’s my CP list of a few "secrets" that have gotten us through 10 whole years of marriage, presented here for no better reason than for classic CPstyle over sharing ;) :

  • Fucking. No, not love making. I’m talking about just the very very very physical act of it. More importantly, doing it as often as you can manage in your schedule. Once a month is not good for business. Kids should not be an excuse, nor should the headache or exhaustion. You do it even when you don’t feel like it. OK fine, I’ll give you a good story. When my twin preemies came home, we were miserable and numb with sleep depravation. We had more sex in those early days they were home, than when we were trying to conceive. It was the only respite, the only escape that afforded us some release, joy and feeling. It kept our sanity and our marriage together. And I don’t need a roommate.
  • We take care of ourselves physically and emotionally. We are 110% for enabling each other’s workouts, time with friends, time alone, etc. He gets that I need two hours on a Saturday morning to run and take a yoga class. I make sure he puts on those boxing gloves and hits the bag or lifts as soon as I get home. (Mine are usually prioritized.) We live a "lifestyle" together.
  • Touching. Almost every single night we are together, we massage each other. Its not sexual, its not romantic, it doesn’t involve oils and its often done while we are chillin on the couch watching one of our favorite shows on TV. Yeap, we are both sore from working out and rubbing it out is super helpful (and often painful). But our nightly ritual is also an act of simply connecting on a daily basis at the end of a day when we don’t need to use words anymore.
  • We go to bed angry occasionally. It doesn’t mean our marriage is doomed.
  • We are both hot heads and have insanely intense fights. Sometimes we fight “well” but usually we’re total assholes to each other when we’re in the thick of it. Here’s the important part: WE GET OVER IT, try to talk about it or just move on. Everything passes.
  • We are both free. Seriously. He doesn’t own me and vice versa. We do our own thing and it makes us better together.
  • My husband molests me. No seriously, he’ll grab my ass when I’m trying to put the kids to bed or handle my hips when I’m wrangling some hot pots in the kitchen. Sometimes I get annoyed and feel objectified. Sometimes I’m cool with it. Sometimes I love it. But there would be something SERIOUSLY wrong come the day my husband doesn’t manhandle me. He’s similarly effusive with the compliments. I’m not sure they are 100% honest some of the time, but you know what, that doesn’t really matter. Its just SO lovely to be told nice things, physically or verbally, every day.
  • Our children have not “taken over.” Honestly, our best vacations since those two lil guys were born have been the ones we’ve had alone. We actually still like chillin together without them around. Our boys are going to want little to do with us in no time (growing up too fast) and what will be left? Two people who can hang tight and not just co-parent.
  • The realization that our journey together is not always smooth sailing. In fact, it hardly ever will be because of our personalities: we are thrill seekers, have a high tolerance for risk and constantly invite challenge into our lives. Some years are terrible. Some are incredible. None are boring.
  • Deep respect for the other despite the fuck ups. We are NOT perfect and we have done bad things to each other. That’s because we are real, imperfect, emotional, sensitive, loving, human beings. Despite our missteps, at the end of it all, we still respect each other.

     In the spirit of TMI, there ya go!!




    We are inundated with information on healthy food – raw, organic, farm to table, 
    vegan, paleo, etc etc etc etc to infinity!! Yeah, I get it, eat kale, avocados, nuts, eggs, 
    drink green juices and down smoothies on the regular.

    TRUST ME when I say that I’m all for eating glorious, nutritious, organic food that 
    makes me feel amazing, tastes delicious and fuels my body in all the right ways. 

    I also want to have a hot slammin' body. 

    To be super honest, health comes first, but vanity comes in a close second people!!!
    To that end, despite all my herculean efforts (working out 1-2 hrs/day, eating 
    “clean” and limiting alcohol & sugar) I have not been entirely satisfied with the 
    results. I started thinking that perhaps what I was eating, albeit good for me, was 
    not helping me attain my physical goals – maybe even sabotaging them.

    My biggest culprits, I believe, and here is when I may get controversial on you all, are 
    the green juices and smoothies: many of theses drinks, especially the ones you buy 
    at your juice joint, are packed with calories and are NOT filling, at least for a weight 
    lifting / bootcamp crushing lady like me. For example, a Juice Press Doctor Green Juice
    17 fl oz bottle is 240 calories, while a Liquitaria Skinny Smoothie is 466 calories!

    Same deal with the almonds. I MEAN WHO SAID ALMONDS WERE FILLING AS A SNACK?
    Especially the recommended 5 we’re suppose to limit ourselves to???????

    So to this end, I’ve made some tweaks, substitutions to my diet that I’m in the mood to 
    share with you. Take 'em or leave 'em, here's my plan leading up to the holidays:

    I’m eating smaller, more frequent and more FILLING meals and feeling much better.
    Sugar spikes are now non-existent and this has really helped me avoid overeating (and drinking) at night. 


  • Early morning green juice with fruit & green vegetables
  • Late morning post-workout smoothie with protein powder, avocado,
    nut butter, coconut oil, nut milk, fruit, etc etc 
  • Salad toppings like nuts, seeds, avocado and hard cheeses
  • Red meat or pork as a protein 
  • Almonds or almond butter as a snack 
  • Apples and pears as snacks


  • Hard boiled eggs (1-2) with small amount of
    whole green vegetable, raw or cooked in the early morning
  • 2-3 chicken tenders (recipe below!) or turkey meatballs (recipe coming)
    with some broccoli or asparagus instead of smoothies
  • Salads with cooked veggies as toppings & lean protein
  • Lots of fish and poultry as protein sources
  • Vegetable-based soups instead of green juices
  • Blueberries and Oranges (to get that vitamin C) instead of bananas and apples

    Here's what's KEY for me: Having lean protein easy bites on hand to pop in when i start to feel hungry.
    To that end, l'm including my favorite most delicious recipe for Almond Curry Crusted 
    Finger Tenders. It's kinda paleo, but definitely not vegetarian or vegan! I make a 
    massive batch that lasts for only a few days in my house. I eat these for dinner when 
    fresh, then put them on salad for lunch and combine a few with some green veggies 
    like left over asparagus, as a post workout or 4PM snack; the latter being absolutely essential to 
    avoiding my evening food festival for one.


  • Preheat oven to 400
  • Spray or very lightly coat a large roasting pan or baking sheet with olive oil.
  • Cut up 2 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breast and/or thighs into 2-3” 
    pieces. The smaller the crispier they will get. The bigger the juicier.

  • NOTE:
    I am getting amazing chicken from The Meat Hook in Greenpoint. Trust 
    your chicken source please. Dickinson’s, Marlow and Daughters and farmer’s 
    market vendors also great.

  • Wisk two eggs in a large bowl and add chicken, toss to coat.
  • Mix the following coating ingredients together:
  • 2-2 1/2 cups Almond Meal – I use Bob’s Red Mill Finely Ground Almond Flour
  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 1⁄2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoon curry powder
  • 2 teaspoon ground fennel
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • Using tongs or fingers (latter will get wet and clumpy so I use tongs) cover 
    the egg-coated chicken pieces in the almond mixture and then spread out on 
    the baking sheet.
  • Cook for 10 minutes, check to see if they are browning a bit. If so, flip and 
    cook for another 10 minutes. If not, wait 2 more minutes, depending on oven 
    and location.
  • Cool and store in fridge

    Sooooo, binge eating and drinking season is upon us starting with that 
    Halloween candy that is right around the corner. Getting into this real 
    #masticatingfood swticharoo habit now and having those lean protein / whole 
    green combination small meals on hand, may just help you reach some goals and sail through 
    the holiday season feeling incredible, avoiding those extra liquid calories while still enjoying the festivities and LIFE!! :)



    Yoga Stretches For Runners & Cyclists - National Yoga Month


    I spread my exercise love all around. I was recently interviewed and asked, “What is 
    your “main” workout?” Seriously, this was impossible for me to answer. Outside and 
    in the studio: I run, I lift, I cycle, I dance, I bootcamp, I megaform and finally, what 
    keeps my body and mind together, I do hot yoga.

    About a year ago I fell in love with Modo Yoga on 6th Ave in NYC;
    not bikram, but an accessible and beautiful style flow in a very warm room. The 
    studio has more than three different classes, so there is something for everyone. For 
    a more intense experience I take Modo Flow, if I’m feeling extra tight from all my 
    running and cycling, I indulge in the Hot Yin class that keeps us in loooong lovely 

    Without a doubt, taking 1-3 classes at Modo a week has drastically increased my 
    flexibility and, more importantly, my hip / hamstring injury is gone. Furthermore, 
    since taking class on a weekly regular basis, I have completely avoided injuries. I 
    workout fairly intensely EVERY SINGLE DAY; this is the first time in years that has 

    It's National Yoga Month! So as a follow up to last week’s running post, I asked my 
    #alltimefavorite Modo Yoga instructor, Alyssa Arroyo, for her recomended yoga 
    stretches for runners and cyclists.

    Alyssa is not only an incredible instructor; she is just an all around amazing woman. 
    I’ve never gone on any fitness / exercise retreats, but if I can swing her Yoga Retreat 
    in Costa Rica this January, I would like nothing more than to spend hours daily doing 
    yoga with her in a gorgeous tropical place. Details here.


    These are great starting points and stretches to do on your own, however, NOTHING 


    beats going to the studio and getting the real hot thing......

    Namaste Loves

    Modified pigeon/ Half pigeon variation:

    From a downward facing dog, swing one leg forward on a diagonal so that the knee
    bends towards the outside of the wrist and the foot lays across to the opposite side
    of the body. Stag the back knee and point the row behind you as you lay forward, try
    exploring the range of the gold, laying either more towards the direction of the foot
    or the knee. This is a great variation to a traditional half pigeon stretch,where the leg
    is straight behind you. The bent knee version allows for a gentler stretch on the front quad
    and psoas, while accessing a deep stretch in the front leg's piriformis muscle, which you will
    feel mostly around the outer, back of the hip and near the glutes.

    Toe Squat:

    Tucking the toes underneath you, and keeping the feel parallel, sit gently back towards the heels,
    and stack the spine upright. If the stretch is too intense, you can lessen it by leaning forward with
    the fingertips on the floor to take weight off the heels. Breath slow deep breaths and hold a few minutes
    to stretch out the muscles in the arches of the feet and the you can even play with a bit of pushing the
    heels back in space while in the seat to feel a deeper stretch along the calves.

    Single leg stretch:

    Lying on the back, bend one knee and place the foot on the floor. Extend your other leg straight
    and lift it up, either wrapping your hands around your calf or a strap around the foot, so that you
    can keep your shoulders and head on the ground. The second variation goes a little deeper. You can
    ether keep the hand on the calf or link the first and middle fingers around the big toe of the extended leg.
    You can then extend the bent knee leg out long and flex the foot, grounding the leg down towards the floor.
    Keep the hips even gently tug the straight leg towards you, deepening on exhale breaths.
    This stretches the back of the straight leg, getting into the hamstrings and calves. To get even more
    of a stretch in the calves, point and flex the feet. The front of the stabilizing leg gets a stretch, especially
    when the leg is extended along the floor, accessing psoas and other hip flexor muscles responsible for lifting the legs when you run.

    Low lunge on fingertips:

    From downward facing dog, step one foot forward in between the hands, bending the knee over the
    ankle and keeping your back leg extended straight behind you, heel facing up. Keep the back leg straight,
    lifting the knee off the floor, and keep wrapping the hip of the back leg towards the thigh of the bent knee.
    This will open the front of the straight leg; the quad and the psoas.

    Counter lunge:

    From the last pose, extend the front leg until the knee is straight and if possibly try flexing the front foot.
    Bend the back knee half way down and hover the shin off the floor for a more intense stretch, or drop the
    knee down to the floor and descend the seat back until it hovers off the floor.
    This stretch gets deep into the back of the straight leg, and you can try rotating the thigh inward to focus a
    little bit more on the outer back of the leg. The front of the bent knee gets a great stretch throughout the quad.
    Feel free to drop the head and stretch into the back in the more gentle version with the knee down.

    Modified side plank:

    From a downward facing dog, step one foot forward only about halfway towards the hand along the putter edge
    of the body. Rotate, while keeping the back leg straight, the outer edge of the foot down to the floor. Turn your
    front foot so that it is flat on the floor, pointed away from you, and now the toes of both feet are facing
    the same direction. Spin the same arm as front leg upward towards the ceiling, as you press both hips upward,
    stacking the straight leg hip up under the bent knee hip. The more you turn the torso open, and press the hips skyward,
    the more of an opening you can find along the piriformis and even along the i.t.band of the front leg. It feels great along the whole outer thigh

    Big Thank you to Under Armour for hooking me up in these amazing sports bra and booty shorts!

    Morning Run Motivator: My Curated 10 Mile Running Playlist


    I’ve been logging 30-40 running miles per week these days. I can’t help it really. This 
    insanely brilliant weather we’re having in NYC - it's heaven for runners. Crisp and cool, 
    late summer and early fall mornings are made for long runs. If I’m traveling, I pack 
    light and all I’ve really needed are my kicks, Nike+ Sports Watchbooty shorts and a jog bra
    I usually head out around 8AM from my building on the north side of Williamsburg, 
    run over the Billyburg Bridge, make a U turn to head east to the water and then run up 
    the East River Park. I turn around at 23rd Street, head back the way I came and if I am
    going for a 10 miler, I run past my building, into Greenpoint for a mile and back. I 
    love this route because 2x over the bridge gives me a good amount of hill work, and 
    then the relatively flat terrain along Kent Ave in Brooklyn and the park in Manhattan 
    lets me work on speed. 

    Music is a major motivator and I usually listen to all sorts of genres and style. I run 
    anywhere between a 7 1⁄2 to 8 1⁄2 minute mile depending on how sore and tired 
    I am or what I ate and drank the night before. Just as I teach in the studio, using 
    the “musical event,” beat drop or crescendo of the music to motivate you to speed 
    up and push harder is a GREAT way to work on speed. This type of training is 
    also known as “fartlek’s”, but I just cannot bring myself to use that term without 
    cracking up. Sorry, I spend way too much time with potty mouth boys.
    SO, back to the music, the tracks I’ve put together are between 90 and 110 BPMs. 
    They are perfect for me because I can hold the beat with my particular stride (I’m a 
    shorty at 5’3”) and keep within my pace goal. However, I realize some of you may 
    be taller, shorter, faster, or slower, so I put together a running workout where we 
    can meet in the middle. If the beat of the music, also known as Beats Per Minute (BPM)
    is too fast for you with these tracks, **try** to catch up to it for the drills. If its too slow,
    speed ahead of the beat for the drills.

    I’ve alternated tracks that have OBVIOUS musical moments where we’ll push speed, 
    with tracks that are fairly even so you can just work on keeping steady.
    I’m also excited to release with this playlist, an original CP remix that I’ve used in my
    classes in the past, but never put out there publicly on Sound Cloud. “Set Off My Ball”
    is a Diplo X TI mash that I played around with. Let me know if you love it and I’ll send
    you the DL.

    Finally(!), its National Yoga Month, so you can look forward to a next week's follow up
    post to this one where I'm featuring my ALLTIMEFAVORITE Modo yoga instructor, Alyssa's
    suggested yoga poses designed specifically for post run and post cycle stretch.

    Stay strong and movitated!

    Warm up with Juice at 95 BPM. This beat is so strong and for my faster runners, it’s 
    a great one to hold onto. Optional if you got your guns out and ready to push right 
    away: speed ahead or catch the beat at 2:41 for one minute long or 'til the end of the 

    Just Girly Things (Kiely Rich Remix)
    Also 95 BPMs, let’s start speeding. There are two great moments to drill wth this 
    track and the lyrics actually say “the beat go hard tho” right into the drop. You can’t 
    get a better cue to GO!
    Push to catch or get ahead of the beat twice 0:51 (one minute) and at 3:14 also for a 

    Gas Pedal Shooz (SAGE x 2 Chainz x Nu Shooz)
    At 103 BPM, this is a nice fast pace. If you are behind, play with pick up the beat 
    whenever and for however long you want. This is a fun mash up, especially for those 
    of us who know well and loved the original ‘80s track.

    I Wish (Meaux Green)
    Get aggressive. You are warm and let’s work that speed right away. Drills are 
    shorter, so go for it. Catch or speed up 0:32 (35 seconds) and 1:48 (35 seconds)

    Paid In Full (Mini Maddess) [The Coldcut Remix]
    Roll steady here at 100 BPMs. I use a 3 minute version of this track but most on 
    SC and YouTube are longer, fast forward after 3-4 minutes so you can get back to 
    work ;)

    Kiss To Bang It (CP ReRemix)
    Stay at 100 or if you are under that beat, catch up to it for two quick speed pushes, 
    30 second each: 0:38 and 1:55

    Strictly Business, EPMD
    Vintage hip hop right at 100. Nothing crazy, just meditate on class rhyming. Fast 
    forward after a few minutes if you must. You can find better quality version of this 
    track on iTunes.

    Set Off My Ball (CP ReRemix)
    Another remix of mine(!), I love these two tracks and though, damn they sound good 
    together. Once again 100 BPMs, but the drills progress LONGER. First one is super 
    quick at 1:16 (15 second ONLY, get crazy), 2:04 (20 seconds this time), finally get it 
    again at 3:11 (30s)

    Can I Get A...(Venice Beach Remix)
    Get back to a nice steady pace. Use the beat at 97 BPM or hold strong under / above 

    Drop It Like Its Hot (Tim Gunter)
    Ok, here we go. This track has two hard drills. The base pace is FAST at 110bpm, so I 
    personally usually start below it and TRY to get up to speed for the 40 second drills 
    at: 0:58 and 2:34. I mean that siren call alone should get your blood going. 

    Only That Real (The Soundmen Remix) IAMSU feat. 2 Chainz & Sage the Gemini
    Back to 100, just fly nice and light on this track. No drilling, just chilling “only that 
    real shit is what I’m talking about.”

    The Phoenix (feat. Willy Wesly)
    Build up to a one-minute epic event with this track where it get imperial and 
    majestic at 1:26. Run ahead or catch pace either way, start a motherf’ing riot. Hold 
    for those 60 second or til the end.

    F**kin’ Turbo (CP ReRemix)
    Well, but of course. What would a CP playlist be without my baby?!?
    You know what to do by now, just do a lot and hit it hard : 0:57 (15 second) / 1:54 
    (15 second) / 2:52 (15 seconds) / 3:50 (20 seconds)

    Stay With Me (Haterade Remix)
    Slowly down a bit, physically and mentally. Go a bit easy to start, this is a lovely 
    smooth 90 BPM tracks. Then shock yourself and explode with the track at 1:04 for 
    almost 45 seconds. Chill. Then do it again at 2:29 for another 45 seconds.

    Nightcall (Les Fleurs Du Mal Remix)
    Love the original, this remix is gorgeous to end on. Cool down and/or hold pace. If 
    you want to fly, go for it at 0:23 for a minute. Easy, and then make this last drill all 
    yours: 1:47 for 45 seconds.

    For *most* of this CP Playlist, click here:

    Running Early Fall Edition


    Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

    Fall Fashion: Mixing Fresh Trends Into Active Wear


    Its Fashion Week here in NYC! Everywhere I look I'm seeing inspiration swirling around me with these cool breezes. While I’m sad my gorgeous and transformative summer is over, I’m ready and excited to transition out of my bikinis and into some real threads. Fall Fashion actually makes me feel giddy. I don’t love being cold and I hate wearing clothing that feels constrictive (jeans are dress up for me) so my idea of cooler weather fashion involves leggings, bad-ass boots, a mixed material leather jacket with some killer accessories through which i can express my style and personality. Above all, from studio to playground, I gotta stay functional.

    Much like I source my ingredients for cooking, I love to source unique, NON-mainstream fashion, especially while traveling. During my birthday trip to Spain this summer, we made a detour to Denmark to go to the number one restaurant in the world, Noma, but also so that I could go shopping. My most important stop was to hit my all-time favorite shoe designer, FreeLance. Not sold in the US, this French line has a store in Copenhagen and I made a beeline. I laid eyes on these fall boots, in the pic above and it was a done deal; my name all over this pair.  The booties have high, thick staked heal with a lug sole that make them perfect for city stomping. I’m slightly concerned as to who I’m going to turn into once I put these on and take them for a ride, but it’ll be fun to find out.

    Another fall must-have, in my opinion, is a bomber jacket. They are all over right now. I picked up the one in this pic above, also in a Copenhagen boutique. What makes it different and unexpected is the use of mixed material. The jacket is made out of leather sleeves with a sheepskin vest / body.

    This intersection between fashion and, what’s now being called “lifestyle active wear," is really my jam. I’ll throw this leather jacket over print leggings, some chucky high clogs and rock that over to a class. Conversely, I'll don a puffy vest over a fancy dress with thigh high moto boots and go on a hot date ;) Here in the states, several designers are getting it right with functional, casual pieces. Some, like Theory and Kamali, have even come out with athletic-specific lines. A few I’m loving right now:

    PHILLIP LIM 3.1 
    ISAORA - menswear that looks hot on women too

    I research a lot of fashion online and here are a few sites that I frequent:
    Net-a-Porter Sport 
    CARBON 38
    ShopBop Acitivewear
    Adidas by Stella McCartney 

    This is what’s UP


    I’m having a fling with Class Pass and Sweaty Betty this fall. Very excited to be 
    teaching a brand new class format: Core Circuits every Wednesday night in SoHo for 
    the season. Classes fill up quickly, so sign up yesterday. And if you’re not on Class 
    Pass, get on now! 

    Also, feeling incredibly grateful to be getting massive love over at RateYourBurn
    I just guest blogged a playlist for my lady BeFit and it's up as of this morning. I 
    curated some of my all time favorite tracks that I’ve used over the last two years. 
    NEXT week I’m doing the second round of my favorite recently released music. Stay 

    Obviously, I need to get to get my ass back in the studio because I also got three 
    beautiful reviews in one week (and its been a month since I’ve taught). Makes me 
    miss you badly NYC!

    Check out my latest reviews below:



    THE SOURCE: Where To Find It Fresh & Fabulous In NYC

    photo (2).JPG

    This may sound extreme (or pathetic depending on who you ask ;) but I often plan 
    my weekend activities and weekday trips into Manhattan organized around where 
    and when I source my cooking ingredients. It is that essential to me.

    I give you the why and where of my food obsessions. It all starts with the simplicity
    of fresh and excellent quality ingredients. Anyone can eat well, and within budget,
    by going straight to trusted 
    sources. Working with amazing ingredients renders cooking simple, straightforward 
    meals accessible to people who feel lost in the kitchen.

    I certainly eat to fuel my body and workouts, of course. But let’s be straight-up for a 
    minute; taste is my favoite sense. Done right, it can be lusty and lusious.
    Eating gorgeously can be the simplist sheer pleasure in life. I’m also a queen in the kitchen,
    and my way of loving is often to cook for and feed friends and family. 

    Spreading that love far and wide here, let me give you my 411 on sourcing the freshest
    and best cooking ingredients in nyc
    (disclaimer: this is my list of the moment and changes as I find and discover new 
    spots in this ever evolving City of New York):

    EGGS: I eat probably 2-3 eggs every day. Fried over greens, hard boiled in salad, 
    as coating when I make chicken fingers, etc etc. (I get this lima bean hummus 
    that I use to make deviled eggs that is incredible.) I digress on the ways I use 
    eggs....anyway, my favorite chickies are...

    Araucana Chicken Eggs at Windfall Farms stand, Union Square Farmers 
    – blue-green eggs, very rich in flavor and from hens with a varied 
    diet. The most expensive ones on this list at $7 for a 1⁄2 dozen. ONLY eat 
    straight up and not for putting into recipes.
    Carol’s Cage Free Heirloom Brown Eggs, Whole Foods – also on the expensive 
    side, but the best I’ve found from a supermarket.
    • Garden of Spices Farm Eggs, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in Chelsea Market – 
    the farm is in upstate NY and the eggs are super tasty, everyday eggs. In fact, 
    Dickson’s sources all of their products from small quality farms in NY State. 
    Good spot.

    GREENS: I consume vast qualities of dark leafy greens. I throw kale or spinach into 
    my morning smoothies, my lunch is 95% of the time a salad w/ fun toppings and 
    more than half my dinner plate is a vegetable in some raw, sautéed or roasted form. 
    If I cannot get to farmers markets, I go for local (not necessarily organic) vegetables 
    sold at Whole Foods. Buying fresh greens from either my Manhattan or Brooklyn 
    Farmer’s Markets makes such a dramatic difference, I cannot even describe. Eating 
    a salad made from fresh greens from the market doesn’t even need dressing. Its that 
    good. I’m really not that great about rinsing my greens. But you should be!!
    • Windfall Farms, Union Square Farmers Market – amazingly fresh and crisp! 
    They have bins and bins of interesting and different greens, including micro-
    greens. I like to mix up their arugula and mesclun together in one bag. 
    Obviously no pesticides, no herbicies, no fungicides as their banner reads, 
    however, not necessarily organic.
    • Other Union Square Farmer’s Market favorite stands (thank you Jacquie): 
    Lucky Dog, Hawthorne Valley, Sweet Mountain Berry

    CHICKEN: another staple in the Phillips fam diet. At the very least weekly, I roast a 
    whole bird and make paleo chicken fingers to have on hand for breakfast, snacks 
    and to throw over salads. I also love marinating bone-in chicken pieces in an herb/
    garlic EVOO situation and grilling that on our Big Green Egg that is illegally living on 
    my balcony.
    Dickson’s Farmstand Meat’s – this is clearly the spot. In addition to eggs, I 
    love their chickens. Free range, super flavorful and I trust the farm source. 
    They also sell organic grain-fed birds, but I prefer the roamers fuller flavor 
    (and slightly less fatty).
    Marlow & Daughters – another great butcher, but in my neighborhood.
    Flying Pig, Union Square Farmers Market – slightly more expensive but 
    awesome chickens.

    SEAFOOD: I could eat seafood at every meal and never get sick of it. That the New 
    England girl in me! Getting extremely fresh and wild seafood is expensive, but 
    worth it for too many reasons to detail here. Eating a raw scallop immediately after 
    plucking it from my favorite fish stand at Union Square is like nothing else.
    • I adore all the seafood stands at Union Square Farmer’s Market, but I 
    especially like P.E. & D. D. Seafood on Monday’s and Saturdays. Its all local 
    and the freshest I’ve come across. 

    The Lobster Place, Chelsea Market – The name is a misnomer; lobster is least 
    impressive thing in this place. This fish market is just unbelievable. When I 
    want to splurge I buy a whole tray of Uni and try not to eat it all by myself. 
    Their selection and assortment is without a doubt, the best in the city. Just 
    the other day I bought Cod Cheeks and Blowfish Tails in addition to my usual 
    white fish, salmon and shellfish assortment. They have solid sushi / sashimi 
    and really nice salads as well. A top CP spot for reals.

    RED MEAT: I don’t eat a lot of red meat at all, maybe once a month at most. I can’t 
    eat a steak without a serious glass (or two) of red wine, so its generally a double 
    cheat night for me when meat is on the table. My favorite cuts are a well marbled 
    grass-fed, grain finished aged porterhouse OR aged bone-in cowboy ribeye. Coated 
    with coarse salt and grilled to a perfect med-rare is my jam. I’ve tried steaks from a 
    LOT of butchers and my favorite right now is:
    Eataly – hands down, the most flavorful and best aged steak of the moment. 
    The guys behind the counter are also extremely friendly and helpful. 
    Impressive array.
    Dellapietras on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. This shop is relatively new and 
    also pretty good. The guys behind the counter are real-deal Italian-American 
    butchers from New York (no fancy mustaches and rolled up jean hipster get 
    ups in this joint). While the place looks a bit fancy and yuppified, the butchers 
    are down to earth straight shooters and awesome.

    WINE: yeap, I couldn’t complete this list without giving you a few of my favorite 
    wine vendors. I have been obsessed with Etna Rosso Sicilian wine these days. I love 
    these two places in Williamsburg:
    D.O.C. on Broadway close to Peter Lugars, they will spend a chunk of time with you
    finding the perfect wine to pair for any meal.
    Pier Wines – disclaimer, this store is less than a block away from my building 
    and they deliver. Dangerous. The guys who work here know my family VERY, 
    unfortunately, well. They even remember menu details I have described in 
    painstaking detail, down to specific ingredients, to ensure they recommend 
    the perfect bottle and......ok fine, so I can show off my culinary skills just a lil' 
    bit ;) Cute small store with a great selection.

    CHOCOLATE: cannot live without it and when its expensive, i'm forced to eat in moderation.
    Plus with high quality chocolate, a few pieces are enough to satisfy me.
    Vosges on Spring Street in SoHo is my favorite chocolate mecca in the city.
    In warm seaons, they have incredible soft serve vanilla ice cream.  yummmmmmmy

    I would LOVE to hear from you on your favorite spots for incredible quality 
    ingredients. HIT me up here in the comments section, twitter and facebook. 
    Happy sourcing and stay tuned for more recipes and videos of yours truly 
    heating it up in the kitchen.


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