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My weekend was straight up debauchery. I ate and drank like a madwoman, slept 
very little and played very hard. My husband’s 40th birthday was Saturday. I planned, 
hosted and DJ’ed the party, ordered the food, made the birthday cake and stressed out most of the 
weekend making sure he was one happy 40 year old dude. With lots of friends and 
family in town, the drinking started early Friday and didn’t stop until late Sunday night. While 
making his favorite Tres Leches Cake (for 40 ppl!) I managed to hide the creamy 
bowls and spatulas from my children so that yours truly could do the licking. I came 
home tipsy on Saturday night and polished off what remains of my sister-in-law’s 
banana cream pudding.  On Sunday, I thought it was a good idea to grill 
cheeseburgers and make truffle twice fried French fries to go along side my bottle of 
red wine. And then of course, there was more ice cream. Yeaasssss my friends, it was 
not cute but extremely fun and definitely stress-induced.

I have these weekends every once in a while and often feel shitty both physically 
and emotionally, like I want to press a delete button and start all over again with a wee bit
more self control.  Aside from promising myself that I’ll behave better in the weekends to come,
I’m over sharing here not only indulgences, but also my go-to strategy for feeling and looking better
as quickly and safely as possible. Because, let's be honest, you’ve probably been there
or will end up there at some point with this warmer cocktail-loving, ice cream-begging
weather that’s fast approaching (hallelujah).

My plan doesn’t involve super restrictive cleanses that cost hundreds of dollars or
subscribing to some website for what is straight forward advice either. If you’ve read
any previous posts, you know that I’m not a fan of the juicing cleanse and a big believer
in eating whole clean food. Plus, while those crazy restrictive cleanses may result
in temporary weight loss, that often just comes creeping right back once we resort
to our regular lifestyle habits. The point here is even though many of us have a
mainly healthy lifestyle, fuck up’s happen, we need to get over it and back on track
quickly. So its more like pressing that reset button instead of the delete buttom.
It’s a physical and emotional plan that is super easy and straight forward too.


EXERCISE: Get in extra sweats before a big weekend of over-indulging

I exercise every day, even on weekends like the ones I describe above, however,
for the week following a food/wine throw down, I ramp up the intense sweaty interval-based
cardio, add an extra endurance run to clear my mind and do more hot yoga. So instead of
one long run and 2 cycle classes, I’ll do 2 runs and 3 classes. I usually go to my favorite
Modo hot yoga studio once or twice a week, but if I know I'm going to over-indulge over
the weekend, I’ll schedule in three. So whatever your set point is for 
exercise, aim to add a few more sessions of full body super sweaty movement.

LIQUIDS: Flush it out

I drink 3-4 liters of filtered water with lemon all day long. I aim to drink 1 liter
before each meal. Yes, I’m constantly peeing and feel like my bladder is in a constant
state of fullness, but water is the best way to flush out all the bullshit. I can’t go without
my morning coffee, so I’ll have that but certainly avoid the “creamers” that have found their way 
into my fridge (even if they are soy or almond milk creamers, its still processed and 
has sugar). I drink 1-2 cups of green tea too.

FOOD: Eat Your Greens Plus! Sample Menu 

Pretty simple, I eat as much dark green vegetables as possible (dandelion greens, 
kale, leafy salad greens) with some lean and light protein. For first few days, I cut out chicken
(rarely eat red meat and pork anyway) and focus more on eggs and fish for my protein.  I 
drop the sugar, including most fruit sugar like oranges which are my favorite snack. I still go
for the blueberries in the a.m.  Here’s an example of my Day 1 after a binge weekend (Monday):

 First thing: Coffee with homemade almond milk, stevia and tsp. of coconut butter
 Breakfast: One egg with a LOT of sautéed kale
 Lunch: salad greens with avocado, seafood sausage, almonds, mushrooms and 
 Snack: carrots & seeds
 Dinner: Roasted Hake with sautéed asparagus and dandelion green salad 
(EVOO and lemon).

I skip some of the staples in my regular diet like chickpeas, cauliflower and broccoli 
because they can be bloating. While I normally eat cheese and whole grains once or 
twice a week , I also cut out these foods.

Finally, especially on Day 1 and Day 2, I try to eat in very moderate amounts. I’m the last 
person to let myself go hungry, I can’t deal with that AT ALL, but I don’t go back for 
seconds and certainly avoid stuffing my face.

FOAM ROLLING: How the celebs get ready for award show season

This is probably the most underrated lengthening/toning exercise. A trainer in my 
building once told me that when he gets his celebrity clients ready for special events 
and award shows, he has them foam roll for up to an hour a day the week leading up 
to the event. Anyone who works out should own a foam roller. Period. Do it while you’re 
watching TV or listening to music. It is amazing to see how effective foam rolling is 
to stretch and lengthen the muscle fascia that regular stretching can’t even touch. So 
you get to look longer/leaner AND support muscle recovery.  

SUPPLEMENTS: Help speed up the process and curb cravings

I’ve written about Dr. Frank Lipman’s practice before. I’m a fan. He has a host of 
really awesome supplements that can be helpful, but definitely can’t hurt. The goal is 
to eat so well that the multivitamins aren’t necessary, but we can’t always get 
everything we need from the whole foods we eat. Here’s what his practice suggests 
while on a slightly restrictive “clean” diet:

Glutamine: diminishes sugar cravings and heals the lining of the gut. Personally, 
glutamine doesn’t make a dent in my sugar cravings because my cravings are hard core, but 
according to one of their health coaches, it can certainly help with some clients.

Probiotics: helps keep things moving if you know what I mean. Without the beans, 
whole grains and slightly smaller amounts of food you may need this ;) According to 
Dr. Lipman, the probiotic powder is more potent.  Use it in your smoothies or mix into your 

GI Herbal Formula: helps create a healthy digestive environment and supports 

MIND SET: Get over it!

My biggest challenge is all in my head: getting over the missteps and moving on. I 
seriously beat up on myself mentally after over-doing it and have a hard time letting 
the regret subside so I can get on with my life for f’s sake. I’m an incorrigible 
perfectionist (to the 9th degree) and, full disclosure, if I feel physically bad or 
uncomfortable, I won’t even look at myself in the mirror. Just today I went through 
an entire hour of hot yoga, in the front row and didn’t look at myself ONCE. Anyway, 
now you know, but my point is, these negative, self-deprecating thoughts are a 
waste of time, space and mental energy and actually hinder us from cleaning up our 
acts and resetting back to our healthy state of mind and body so we can focus on better,
more important and less superficial things (for me that would be my kids and work).  
Do yourself a solid and get over it as quickly as possible. Remind yourself that feeling bad is temporary, 
everything will pass and you have the rest of your life to workout and treat your 
body, mind and spirit with care and respect.



Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.02.07 PM.png

I am 1,000% a morning person. Even on my one day to sleep in – Sunday – the CP 
internal alarm clock has me up and excited to get my sweat on between 6-7AM, 
regardless of what kind of damage I did the night before. 

I became a morning exerciser in my mid 20's and it was a game changer.  I’ve never 
gone back to evenings. My mornings are excuse-free: I don’t miss workouts, the 
energy carries me through the rest of my day (even when I’m sleep deprived), I 
want to eat better and my body has the opportunity to naturally settle down and 
relax by the evening so that I can turn in and fall right to sleep. 

So, I’m on a mission to make everyone a morning exerciser. I’ve gotten a lot of questions
about morning workouts regarding everything from timing, food, and type of exercises.
What better reason to share it all with you here AND help further my mission ;)

Below are a few tips and facts about morning sweat:


What I do:

If I workout before 8AM, I only drink water and my double espresso with almond 
milk and a teaspoon of raw organic coconut butter swirled into it. In addition to 
being delicious, the coffee/almond milk combo gives me enough substance to carry me through an 
early morning workout. Obviously, I eat protein and greens immediately afterwards. My 
usual is two eggs and dark greens.

If I workout AFTER 8AM, shortly before lunchtime, I definitely need a light snack 
prior, eaten 60-90 minutes before exercising. I go for blueberries with some raw 
oats and almond milk or half a pear with almond butter. If I have roasted chicken 
breast left over from dinner the night before, I’ll eat a small piece of that and chew slowly and for a 
long time to make sure it doesn’t sit heavy.

I can never go for a run on anything other than coffee, so my runs are always in the 
am. Otherwise I get side stitches. Additionally, I need to wait at least 60 minutes 
after my coffee to run or else I’ll cramp up.

Even if I’m not hungry after working out early, I force myself to eat immediately 
afterwards so my body can repair itself and use the protein I’ve eaten to rebuild the 
muscle tears that occurred in weight bearing activity. 

What the research says:

Exercising in a fasted state is better for weightloss. Our bodies burn a greater 
percentage of fat. So this is another reason why I like working out in the early
morning as your body is already in a naturally fasted state. But don't wait too long
after you wake up to workout as there's nothing worse than feeling hunger pains in the middle of a workout. 

I do have to note that this is risky if you are a novice without much experience. I’ve 
seen too many people pass out from being in a fasted (and likely dehydrated) state, 
the latter being the most significant. Fasted exercise, especially super intense ones, 
like cycling class or hot power yoga, should be eased into very carefully, preferably 
under the guidance of a professional. Know your body and only workout fasted if 
you know what’s up and have great body awareness.

Common sense, but obviously exercising too close to eating a substantial meal is not
a good idea. The body is sending blood to your digestive track and expending energy
digesting food. You want that energy and blood flow to be headed in the direction of
your muscles for working out!


What I do:

Pretty sure you know by now that I get it gone early, within 60-90 minutes of 
waking up.  EVEN if I’ve had a terrible night’s sleep, working out early gives me 
energy that seriously takes me through most of my day. I’ll likely crash by 8, but still, 
that’s nearly a full day of feeling alert and energic because of my morning sweat.

When I teach my noon class times, I eat two small meals, both at 7-8AM and then again 
around 10AM. I often have some green tea about 45 minutes before to give me an 
additional boost.

If I workout too late in the day, I find it way harder to fall asleep at night, however, 
working out in the PM is better than not at all. So if by some insane reason I don’t 
get to workout in the morning, I go for a barre or megaformer class in the very early 
evening. It was partly for this reason that I decided to drop evening teaching. I 
would get home around 9pm and just could NOT get to sleep from all that adrenaline 
flowing through my body.

Back to the morning...my body is cold and stiff so early on in the day that I have to warm it up.
I almost always go for a brisk walk (to the studio to teach) or do 20-30 minutes on a cardio machine.

What the research says:

No surprise here: Morning exercisers tend to stick to their workout habits according to 
Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer with the American Council on Exercise in San Diego.

In addition, according to a study by Appalachian State University,
early morning exercise actually IMPROVES sleep. YEEEEEESSSS!!
On the flip side, exercising too late can sabotage your body’s urge to sleep as exercise (and eating)
rasises your heart rate and temperature, both of which are not great for inducing sleep.


What I do:

As I mentioned above, if it’s a run day, it has GOT to get done 60 minutes upon 
waking up. For this reason, since I have kids, I’ll run on the weekends or 
immediately after getting them ready and off to school (if I can get that together).
I have to do some form of cardio before other types of exercise. So if I’m going to a 
bootcamp, megaformer or barre class, I like to cycle / run / or at least get some 
elliptical intervals in beforehand. Doing something like barre BEFORE cardio just 
doesn’t make sense to my body.

My favorite exercise to do second or last is hot yoga because of the stretch and 
internal focus. 

My favorite exercise is a double: first thing a Flywheel class (that’s why I teach 
mostly mornings now!!) followed by yoga (or bootcamp or barre or anything) 
afterwards. Amazing combination. LOVE it. 

Finally, I would be thrilled if any of the above information helped you get into a 
great morning habit or at least facilitate some good early sweat.  Additionally, now 
that it's (ridiculously cold) springtime and brighter in the morning, that AM sunshine 
will most certainly help a lot of us get up and at it!!

Yours (anytime of course),



This is what I don’t do: mindlessly read a magazine on an elliptical and call that cardio. If you are multitasking while working out, its a waste of time. Sure I’ll use a cardio machine to warm up, but its not really effective, body-changing, cardio unless you are PAYING ATTENTION to what you are doing and DOING IT HARD. 

I’m a huge fan of mixing up a workout routine, including cardio, weightlifting, megaformer classes, bootcamps, barre classes, yoga, dance classes and anything else that makes working out fun, effective and safe. In general, I fit about six different types of workouts per week and my FlyWheel classes are just one. Not only is cross training more exciting physically for the body and mentally for the brain, but it prevents injuries by avoiding repetitive movement, engaging different muscles, thus avoiding over-training or over-taxing certain muscle groups.
That said, I’m a cardio queen. I ADORE my runs and bike rides. Up until I started up again teaching cycling classes at FlyWheel in late November, I was logging about 30-35 miles a week on long runs. Because of my teaching schedule, I ended up dropping 2 out of my usual 3 long runs and noticed my body change within a month. No, my thigh’s didn’t get bigger (huge myth perpetrated by unnamed “fitness celebrities” trying to promote their own ridiculous and expensive programs), but rather I saw a slight shift toward a leaner, longer me…something I’m definitely good with :) 
With the weekly amount of cardio being the same, I’m convinced my shift was 100% from the HIIT (high intensity interval training) nature of indoor cycling. Cardio on interval training if you will. So that means, going HARD, pulling back slightly. and hitting it hard again before your body has a chance to recover.  I also started doing different “types” of runs. While on vacation last week I ran every other day on the beach, barefoot, over different kinds of sand (hard packed, soft and thick and through waves) not to mention the crazy wind resistance I hit in one direction before turning around. It was an entirely different workout than my urban ones in the winter. But back home I mixed in bridge runs, going up and down the Williamsburg Bridge a few times, as well as sprint training around the McCaren Park track with a girlfriend.
So please let’s not waste our precious cardio time, mindless thinking you are doing something significant for your body when all you are doing is warming up your core temperature slightly, effectively preparing your body for some REAL work. Make it count. Do something dramatic with your self, fill up the time to set aside to exercise with intensity so you get stronger and see results!!

Winter Warm Up | Seafood Stew Recipe with Eggplant


I’m about to get the f*@k outta this insanely frigid ice dome they call NYC and jet to 
a tropical island paradise for a minute (I’m back teaching at Flywheel Friday next week, so it’ll 
be a quick thaw). Before heading out, I wanted to drop two things that’ll be sure to 
warm you up: my favorite seafood stew recipe and a winter wonderland playlist

Winter food is fun. I crave stews, soups, hot teas and spicy food to stay warm and 
feel cozy at home. I love staying in to warm up our small apartment with heat 
generated in the kitchen. While I tend to stay away from those heavy meat-based 
dishes that don’t really agree with my tummy, I gravitate toward bean, chicken and 
seafood based dishes.

One of my absolute favorite stews is my seafood one that I have been “refining” for a few 
years now. I make it year round, but in the winter I tend to add more of the root 
vegetables that are in season, like sweet potatoes. Because I’m absurdly obsessed 
with eggplant, I also add my salted, roasted favorite purple vegetable on top!

I also vary the ingredients, definitely spicing it up when it's cold outside. There’s 
nothing better than pairing this stew with a nice white wine and dense moist seed 
bread (I love the one from Organic Pharmer).

Seafood Stew with Eggplant 


1 ½ pounds firm white fish, I am loving Hake right now. I cut it into 2 inch chunks 
and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and spices (I use orgegano, coriander, and ground fennel) 
and almond flour.
1 lbs mussels
12-18 clams
½ pound scallops
Rock shrimp – I get the really sweet little ones from Lobster Place, but you can use 
regular raw shrimp too.
One large eggplant, cubed and salted (for about 20 min)
Sweet potato, cubed
2 small fennel bulbs – thinly sliced (I love to use the Mandolin)
1/2 onion chopped
2 large garlic cloves chopped
2 tablespoons tomato paste
Roasted tomatoes or sundried tomatoes in oil
Fresh thyme
Bay leaf
1-2 cups clam juice
1 cup white wine (quality of wine must be good even though you are cooking with 
1 cup chicken broth or seafood stock
1 cup water
Chopped parsley to add at the end


Steam sweet potatoes until al dente. Rinse with cold water to stop cooking as soon 
as they are just shy of tender. Pat down eggplant, douse with olive oil and roast at 
415 degrees for about 30 minutes or until they are slightly browned and soft.

Put both sweet potatoes and eggplant aside until you add to stew at the VERY end.
While those two veggies are cooking, heat a tablespoon of olive oil and a few pats of 
butter over med-high heat in a large / deep pot. Brown the fish until the pieces are 
slightly crispy on all sides, but the fish is NOT done in the middle, put aside. Using 
just a lil' butter is OK and renders a really nice crispy brown exterior to pan frying.

Using the same pot, wipe away any extra oil or add more if necessary. You should 
have about 2 tablespoons of liquid. Over medium heat, add chopped onion, fennel, 
and garlic and sauté until translucent – about 5-8 minutes depending. 

Add tomato paste, fresh thyme and bay leaf and stir for a minute. Add clam juice, 
white, water and stock. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes to 
blend flavors.

Add clams to pot, cover and let them open – about 4 min. As soon as they are open, 
add the mussels and scallops. Shake that around gently a few times and as soon as 
the mussels are open, add the eggplant, sweet potatoes, raw shrimp and finally the 
fish placed gently on top.

Cover and let the last three additions warm up – this should take only a few minutes.  
Carefully with a long big serving spoon, plate the stew so that you are digging, 
getting all the ingredients, a cup or so of broth and a piece or two of fish to place on 
top. Garnish with chopped parsley and add S/P to taste.

I hope that keeps you warm and cozy until I return!



Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.08.22 PM.png

Truth: I’m not gonna lie, I ‘m not a huge fan of this weather. Its ugly cold here in NYC 
and I am wishing on a star that someone will magically transport me to a tropical 

Fact: it's mid-January, the 15th actually as I write this, and those Resolution Warriors 
are dropping out like dead flies right about now. I never wrote a post about 
resolutions in late December / early January because I’m not a fan of resolutions. If 
you decide to make a change, you take a deep breath and just freaking do it pronto, 
why wait for a start date? 

Action: They say it takes about 30 days to break or replace habits. So if you are still 
in the game with your fitness / health / wellness resolutions – great! This time is 
crucial to shifting them into the fabric of your life….it's called a lifestyle and if your 
resolutions don’t transform in that direction , you’ll end up back where you started. 
Let’s not.

So how to stay motivated despite this nasty bitter cold weather? Here are a few tips 
I use to keep it together:

1. Change your mindset: OMG I LOVE this weather!! Yeah, ok I’m lying, but if I 
decide to change my mindset for a minute and appreciate the crisp cold sharp 
sunshine on a 20 degree day, I’m more likely to feel happy and get out there 
for a walk or run.

2. Get out of the house: especially on the bright sunny days.
 Every single time you see that sun before it drops right around 4pm
(sadly) get out and expose as much skin to boost energy, attitude and
vitamin D levels. Extra credit: do jumping jacks, lunges, pushups 
(on a bench), squats, sprints, whatever you can manage while out there. 

3. Dress warmly: I know this is a no brainer, but I see all sorts of ridiculous 
outfits out there in the name of fashion. I get it - I’m the queen of under 
dressing. I go out in paper thin leggings in Nor’easters because they are cuter 
and more flattering than thick fluffy pants. Annnnnd then I’m miserable.  Be 
Happy, Look Puffy. Layer, bulk up, cover up, etc.

I wear moisture wicking form fitting thin layers under my flywheel hoodie.
I have a great one from lulu right now that makes me look like a dancer which
is always fun. Do what you have to do to stay warm when outside and then strip
off those layers in the studio when you’re all hot and sweaty or at home in your hot bath. YAY!!

4. Don’t overdo the hot showers and baths: Hot water strips 
your skin. If you have a chill, go for a super quick hot one, but not for longer 
than a few minutes.

5. Use a humidifier: I’m a massive fan of these. The dry hot forced air is insanely 
horrible for my skin and the humidifier’s steam lubricates my throat and 
occasionally keeps me from getting my kids’ colds.

6. Take vitamins: Because I have a pretty good regular diet, I don’t take vitamins in 
other seasons, but in the winter I take a Vit B, D, fish oil and multi. I trust the
supplemnts from Dr. Frank Lipman. Why not get as much help as you can with
your immune system? 

7. Splurge on a sauna: Going for an infrared Sauna is a wonderful splurge and one that is good for 
your health. Benefits: infrared saunas are known for its' weightloss benefits as well
as helping reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and pain relief.

8. Need I say workout?! That’s an obvious, but how to keep on the fitness tip? 
Book a class, make a date with a friend, sleep in your workout clothes and 
then set the alarm. Get it done in the morning. DO ALL OF THE ABOVE AT 
THE SAME TIME. Stay accountable to your goals by sharing it with a friend or 
health coach and have them check in on you. Consider this a non-negotiable 
issue and be strict with yourself. It WILL get done and you’re going to do it.

9. Eat what is in season: Winter food is not going to make you fat if you are 
smart about it. In fact, I’m always a little leaner in the winter because I drink 
less and eat less ice cream. Yup! So make a French Lentil soup or a Chicken 
Root Vegetable Stew. It seems and sounds hearty and heavy, but these winter 
comfort foods can actually fill you up more easily with awesome fiber and 
protein. Obviously if you are going hard on the mac 'n cheese and beef 
stroganoff, this tip ain’t gonna work for you. To help with this, my favorite 
winter food recipes coming next week!!!


2014 was the best rollercoaster year I’ve had in recent memory. I rode highs and 
indulged in lows and then I dusted myself off and got back up again. I felt strong, 
scared, insecure, badass, obsessive, envious, sexy, powerful and grateful. I resigned 
from a dream job that I thought defined me, I turned 40 while tasting the sublime 
in the #1 restaurant in the world (Noma in Copenhagen), I was betrayed 
by a very close girlfriend, my twin boys turned 8 and officially became big kids, I 
made the best decision of my (fitness) life by joining the FlyWheel family, I went 
back to school for nutrition, I starting a consulting side gig and, finally, I wrote and 
rode my heart out.

Now that I threw that down, let’s move on to this list. Here are a few fav's that 
were along for my 2014 ride:

CP Best of 2014 in Fitness, Food, Fashion and Music:

1. Favorite New Track: Sleepless, Cazzette
I remember hearing this song for the first time on my balcony in the early summer 
and literally jumping out of my lounge chair to do a happy dance. This song was somewhat 
autobiographical for me at the time as well. I love it when that happens; when music really affects me.

2. Favorite Song: Let Me Love You (Sllash Remix), Mario: Not necessarily newly 
remixed in 2014, but I found it this past year thanks to my neighbor Tim of 
themostdefinitely.com and couldn’t press play enough. Love story lyrics. So smooth.

3. Favorite Remix: Drunk in Love (Away Message Version)
I used this track for my debut FlyWheel ride and literally lit the room on fire. I mean 
with all my boys in the house, a hot Beyonce remix, how could that NOT happen? So 
much fun, too sexy, serious playtime, dare not to dance.

4. Favorite ingredient: TIE Uni X Cochayuyo. This was the year I went to Uni-town. I 
craved it constantly, would drive from Brooklyn over to Chelsea Market in mad 
urban traffic to buy a full tray of it from the Lobster Place. I eat pieces straight from the tray, 
rolled, in seaweed, topped on bread w/ burata cheese and whenever I hit up my favorite 
sushi joints. When consumed without extra sodium or cheese, sea urchin is very healthy;
its high in protein, low in fat and calories, and packs in those awesome omega-3 fatty acids. 
Unfortunately, I rarely ate it plain jane as you can see below :/

I blogged about Cochayuyo a few months ago and I’m still high off this stuff. A sea 
vegetable that is commonly used in my native country Chile, I use it as a pasta 
substitute and it is insanely healthy. Mail order this one.

5. Favorite Eat: I can’t say that I have a favorite restaurant this year because I held high 
court in the kitchen in 2014. My friends figured out that the only way they’d see me 
would be close to my stove, so I spent hours cooking and feeding my loves. That said, my 
favorite bite of the year was this Three Cheese White Pizza with Shiitake Mushroom, 
Truffle Oil and Uni (pictured above). The pizza dough is homemade and all the ingredients
locally sourced with the exception of the sea urchin. It literally made my eyes roll back in my head.

6. Favorite Beauty Products: Another TIE between two products, one that I put on to 
look flawless and another that I use to take it all off and feel squeaky clean. I recently 
discovered a brilliant all-natural make up and skin care line called Repechage. Their 
Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation is amazing. It evens out skin without looking heavy. I 
adore it!  Always in search of a cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin but takes it all off, 
I found it in 2014. The Elure Advanced Facial Wash is hands down the best cleanser 
I’ve ever used.  Love them both!!

7. Favorite Shopping: This one is so easy. Without a doubt, the Bandier pop up 
boutique in Flatiron was like walking into the gates of heaven. Seriously the best 
retail therapy I’ve had in years, this spot has the most incredible curated line of 
fitness and active lifestyle gear I’ve ever seen. In the few months since they opened 
up on Broadway and 21st, I’ve snatched up at least 5 leggings, two bras and 3 tops. I 
was gifted an insanely generous complimentary outfit for my FlyWheel start that 
made me feel incredible, both inside and out.

8. Favorite article of clothing: 110% would be my Candida Maria leggings, of course 
bought at the above spot. They feel like second skin, fit beautifully, lift my ass ever 
so slightly and feel delicious to wear. In fact, these leggings are more comfortable 
than my pajamas.

9. Favorite Newly Discovered Instructor: I am madly in fitness love with Brooklyn 
Body Burn’s Eileen Kielty
. She is a lovely, funny, motivating human being. Her cueing 
is perfect, she can simultaneously motivate and commiserate with your pain during 
class. She gives more than 100% to every single person while teaching. Eileen 
knows how to empower people in her class so everyone walks out feeling like they 
just rocked their absolute best even if they are physically SLAYED. Plus she is 
hilarious, does little dances and making me laugh while I’m burning so so hard. I just 
love her.

10. Favorite Newly Discovered Fitness Class: this would definitely have to be Kira 
Stokes’ Barre Class
, now at BFX. Disclaimer, I’m good friends with Kira (like you 
don’t know) and I’ve been going to her 360 bootcamp-like classes for years now, 
however I had never taken her Barre due to schedule and distance. Since she moved 
her fithome to BFX in the Chelsea/Flatiron/Union Sq area I can now get my Kira on 
way more conveniently. Her Barre class (that’s me in it pictured above), is brilliant. 
It's so different from all of my workouts that had consisted primarily of running, hot 
yoga and weight lifting. I’ve been also taking some fantastic FlyBarre classes at my 
new studio and in only 3 weeks of doing more barre in general, I’ve felt a definite 
shift in my body that I’m VERY happy about. YAY!

11. Favorite Fitness Personality: this would be Aly Teich, the founder and host of The 
Sweat Life, a newly launched online lifestyle brand that reports on health and fitness. 
Aly has found incredible success with her concept because she, her team and her 
reporting are smart, fair, supportive and authentic. In the end, Aly just wants to 
share her love of life and health to inform and thus empower the rest of us. Bravo.

12. Favorite Website: other than mine (and The Sweat Life’s) of course, this one goes to 
The Gotham Bandit. At its helm, Bobby Kennedy is an awesome strong and sharp 
personality. He smartly ties fitness, food and lifestyle in a sexy way that uniquely 
defines The Gotham Bandit. It’s the kind of site you want to go to see the eye candy 
pic’s and read relevant, well done pieces at the same time. Yeeeeaaaassss GB gets it.

I’m not sure how I’m going to top 2014, but here’s a few things on My 2015 Wishlist:

1. Another tattoo for my 40th year, this time owning more real estate

2. Finally moving out of Williamsburg (NOT the right neighborhood for my family)

3. Getting to know my FlyFam way WAY better

4. Taking more Barre classes – the ones that don’t waste my time(!)

5. Arriving at age 41 (this summer) feeling just slightly more amazing than when I 
turned 40.

6. Reading waaaayyyyy more - both novels and with my kids.

7. Finishing up my nutrition program.

8. Prioritizing my family, our health and happiness over everything else.

Holiday Gift Guide | 10 DIY Homemade Gifts

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.09.03 AM.png

This year, my family decided to take a little consumerism break and instead give 
gifts that don’t involve shopping, buying, and throwing down serious cash. Not only 
are homemade gifts economical, but they are also extremely thoughtful and, in my 
opinion, a beautiful way to spread holiday love and spirit. 

So avoid rushing into a store last minute and buying a candle. Maybe instead put 
some time and effort into a gift. . Giving attention is cheap, it can’t be bought or 
given by anyone else. That’s what the holiday should be about, right? (along side 
holiday eating and drinking too ;)

Disclaimer: I will be buying my boys some of their favorite toys, but I am hoping our 
DIY/homemade gift exchange will rub off on them just a little bit. 

Here are some ideas that my family will be gifting this holiday season:

1. Party At Your Friends House. Cooking up a great meal for friends and 
family is something I like to do on a regular basis. This year, decide to host a 
dinner party at your friends place. Create the menu, go shopping and take 
over her kitchen. She will love not having to organize it and everyone will 
enjoy the festivities. Just be sure you clean up afterwards (otherwise it won’t 
feel like a gift ;)) Here are some easy dinner party recipes everyone will love.

2. Give Them A Night/Afternoon Off: Offer to Babysit for a friend or family 
member. Finding a babysitter on a Saturday night is no easy task, not to 
mention NYC babysitters these days charge up a storm and require a taxi or 
car service home. This adds up to one expensive evening out. Let your friends 
have a casual night out while you sit on their sofa and catch up on your 
Twitter feed. They may even exchange the favor!

3. Write a Love Letter.  Lately I feel like I don’t even have time to text my 
friends. Declaring my love and appreciation boils down to a heart emoticon 
<3 So sitting down and actually writing a card or letter to a friend or loved 
one with exactly why you love them so much feels extra special. Don’t worry 
about getting all sentimental and mushy, if it’s real and from the heart, they 
will love it.


4. Make a Scrub. I love me some extra fancy beauty products, but I also really 
love to whip up my own. Making a festive scrub for your gal pals is easy and 
they will absolutely love it. Here is a DIY holiday scrub you can make and 
package in your kitchen.

5. Host a Clothing Swap Party. I have a ton of clothes that never get to see the 
light of day but somehow I never really want to get rid of them. Swapping 
them with a friend is a great way to clean out your closet and get some 
threads that feel new. You know that blazer you’ve been coveting in your 
friends' closet that she never wears? Swap it for your designer boots that you 
bought half a size too small 5 years ago! It’s a win-win holiday bash.

6. Bite Me.  Forgo wrapping up a box of chocolates for a bake-less treat that not 
only looks cute but are also guiltless. My Raw, Vegan Bites are so easy to 
make. Wrap them up in tissue and place in an old festive tin for the perfect 
holiday warming present that your friends won’t recycle!
7. Get a Ride. Ok, so one thing I will actually be buying this year are gift cards 
to a Flywheel class with me. I will buying a bunch of these to give to friends 
and family.  It’s a way for me to share with them what I love to do! Plus get 
their asses in shape! 

8. Fit Date: along the same lines as above, schedule a time to workout together. 
I’m offering personal training sessions in my building gym, but if you are not 
a fitpro you can still do something similar. Figure out a fun, new workout 
you’ll do together, if it involves booking or scheduling take care of that and 
then make him a delicious smoothie afterwards.

9. Mix Tape: Obviously, this is my favorite DIY gift and one I’ve been doing since
i was a kid using a double cassette deck on an old school stereo! This year I’m
gifting custom playlists for a few friends, but you don’t have to be a DJ to do something
similar. Use sound cloud or spotify and pull together your favorite tracks or design a
specific playlist; for example, for a runner use upbeat music you know will keep them
moving like the one I did here. I’m gifting both music for yoga and danceparty custom mixes.

10. Give Your Talent: You know you have some. What are your skills? If you are 
an artist, draw a beautiful card. Writer, write a poem. Chef, make a delicious 
treat…. You get the idea.

Wishing you all a very happy holidays!



Top 10 Tips For Staying Fit Through The Holiday Party Season


So yessss, it is that party time of the year when the madness just does not stop. Just coming off an insane Thanksgiving long weekend filled with food, drink and nights out (kiddos were away ;) I feel like I need to clean up my act, but I’m actually facing a few more weeks of parties, dinners and other social obligations.

With all that in mind, here are a few easy suggestions I’m following to keep myself fit and together through the rest of the holidays. A few might work for you!! 

1. INDULGE SMART: Decide when you are going to “indulge” and on the other days be super clean, whatever “clean" is for you. For me it is: no dairy, no red meat, no sugar, no processed foods, no white foods. If i’m going super DUPER light, I’ll avoid chicken too and only go for mostly raw veggies, seafood, nuts and seeds. For liquids, I’ll take my AM coffee with almond milk and then sip water and green tea for the rest of the day. I avoid bubbly beverages unless I'm drinking gin (see below).

2. DRINK ALCOHOL: Your #partytime indulging likely involves alcohol. Speaking as a wino, at parties I actually pass on my usual deep strong dark red wines because it makes me sleepy and sloppy. Instead, I order my second favorite: good quality gin with seltzer and extra limes. I try not to drink when I'm not out. My favorite time and place to have a glass of wine is actually at home - in the evening as I’m getting dinner ready for my kids. But because I have social obligations a few times a week this season, I’m cutting those out entirely and just sipping my water instead.

3. SWEAT BABY, SWEAT HARD AND EARLY: Make time to exercise every day. If you are a fit nut, then 2x a day is awesome (for example, weights for 45 minutes in the morning before work and maybe a quick 30 minute run during lunch hour). Trust me, it’ll make you feel SO much better, even if you are just doing it to counteract bad behavior the night before. Here’s the important piece, make it happen in the morning and/or mid-day. If you save it for the evening, other obligations, exhaustion, work, last minute plans are inevitably going to get in the way.
On that note, FYI, I’m teaching only early morning classes at FlyWheel!!! I hate working out at night, so why teach then? I’m on a mission to convert everyone into morning exercisers.

4. BE ACCOUNTABLE AND SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS: Make an appointment with a trainer, book a boutique fitness class, plan a fit date with your girlfriend, whatever, but schedule and plan this for the week ahead. Fit it into your social calendar and then stay committed to it.

5. DOUBLE UP YOUR WATER INTAKE: You must know this, but drink water like its going out of business. If you usually drink 2-3 liters a day, aim for 3-4. And of course, when out, drink water while you are drinking alcohol and have a few full classes an hour before bed. If you drink water too close to bedtime, it will wake you up to pee and disrupt your sleep. I stop drinking everything and anything about an hour before bed.

6. SNACK ON BITTER GREENS: Eating bitter greens like Dandelion Greens, is a great diuretic and helps digestion. I love to eat them all the time, but especially before going out for a heavy meal.

7. PRE-PARTY EATING: Before going out to an event that will mostly be drinking and heavy appetizers, I always have a small filling meal including light green vegetables and lean protein, like chicken breast with grilled asparagus. I eat only enough to fill satiated but not super full.

8. PASS ON THE GUM: In line with the above tip, avoid snapping the trident and instead have a mint. Chewing gum at parties is not that cute and, can bloat as well. In fact, I recently quit chewing gum altogether. Try to cut it out entirely.

9. DRESS BODYCON: Wear #bodycon outfits. No really, something that shows as much as you can confidently pull off. When I wear form-fitting outfits to a fancy dinner or out at a party, there’s no way I’m letting myself overdo the food/ drink situation and get that carb or sugar belly. I also tend to eat slower and chew carefully to avoid swallowing a lot of air.

10. ALTERNATE SLEEP AND SLEEPLESS: There are nights you are not going to get enough sleep. You know it. You have a party and work the next morning, travel, whatever it is. Try to plan your social calendar so you can alternate nights at home with nights out. On the nights at home, FORCE yourself to get to bed early, whatever that is for you. For me, its around 9:30-10.

Hope these tips help you get through the month of holiday parties!



My New Teaching Home - FLYWHEEL!!!


 As evidenced by the onslaught social media posts this week (twitter, instagram,
facebook, mass emails, etc etc) you could say I’m a just a little bit 
excited about the announcement of my new teaching home – FlyWheel!!!

My welcome into the FlyFam couldn’t have been warmer. 
From private messages to public insta blasts to lovely notes, I feel like I jumped 
into a sweaty lovefest.

Showing up does not do justice to describe the situation at my  “sneak peak” ride 
Wednesday afternoon, held at the gorgeous brand new Chelsea FlyWheel location. I 
was so honestly overwhelmed by the support of a beautiful fitfam who packed 
the house, including FlyWheel instructors AND managers, my incredibly NYC riders, 
fit industry besties (JT, JS, CL), the Bandier girls, The SweatLife team, Gotham Bandit 
and so many more. I had more fun teaching that ride than I can ever remember. 

I am grateful. I am humbled. I am excited. I am thankful.
And I want to see you in my classes starting next week! I will be teaching just two 
morning classes for now, but look for more time slots starting after the holidays.

Tuesdays 7AM – Tribeca

Saturdays 8:30AM - Chelsea


LEGGINGS X MENSWEAR: Four Looks To Dress Up Your Leggings


I have a massive love for leggings...

Yes, I have the luxury of being able to wear leggings for play and work, in the studio, 
at the gym and writing at my computer - but today lifestyle active wear is ruling 
women’s wardrobes and the casual work environment.  I don’t mind if they show off too
much of my curves (it happens when you have them). Leggings rule female asses all
over the country and no one is complaining.

As sporty and casual as they can be, I’ve dipped my toes into the menswear trend by 
combining my favorite leggings with pieces borrowed from the boys. 

So just for fun, here are four “looks” pairing my favorite leggings with menswear 
pieces. Yeah, no these outfits are not for actual sweating and lifting. This is what I 
wear to go out for dinner, chill with friends on weekends or just walk around my 
neighborhood with my mutt.

Teeki is a very cool company whose founding designer, according to some of my 
research, started out making costumes for Burning Man. Their leggings are made 
out of recycled water bottles!!!! They feel incredibly silky, like a second skin and are 
extremely flattering. These leggings reveal a LOT….as in everything, so they must be 
worn with high levels of confidence. My favorite pattern, Deer Medicine, is shown 
here, but I also have a pair in this red color that screams, “pay attention to me 
please.” Electric Love is definitely my next purchase.

I paired my Teeki leggings here with a Paige Black Label menswear-inspired vest 
and my Freelance boots.

Sweaty Betty is one of a few brands from across the pond over in the UK that has come 
state side. Previously only available online, last year they opened an incredible store 
in SoHo and I’ve had the pleasure of not only shopping there, but also teaching 
classes in their basement studio. I am loving their Level Workout Leggings, shown 
here. They are high waisted and almost feel like compression tights, so I feel very 
pulled in and warm. Perfect for the winter. 

I paired this with my windbreaker from an actual menswear line, Isaora. Isaora is 
based right here in NYC and the designing duo who own the company are extremely 
cool dudes. They told me their wives wear their stuff all the time. I threw on my 
high-healed hiking-inspired booties from Ash to top off this look.

I recently discovered this new line, Alo Yoga, and fell in LOVE with their Goddess 
Ribbed Leggings
(pictured here) that look like two pieces: leggings and leg warmers, 
BUT are cleverly just ONE piece. Alo makes insanely flattering pieces and they have 
very cool prints like Airbrushed and Lightning, but I really think it's their inventive 
Goddess Ribbed pieces that makes Alo stand out.

I draped my husband’s crisp white Brooks Brothers shirt over my favorite Natori 
Feathers Bra
and threw on my Ash sling backs to complete this look.

I’ve been buying David Lerner leggings for a few years now. They are very good 
quality, fit amazingly well and have a way of making you look a size or two smaller. I 
don’t know what they do in the manufacturing process, but I swear they have some 
serious butt lifting technology too. David Lerner has beautiful and trending 
prints and materials, but my favorite are these maroon coated ones. The color is 
deep and rich and they look great with black accessories. 

I threw my favorite Lucky Brand flannel over this pair in the picture because those 
boy print flannels just look amazing on us ladies, but I also wear these with low 
motorcycle boots and a black oversized hoodie.

Hope you get inspired by these looks. Have fun dressing up your leggings and let me know
what are your favorite leggings to wear out in the comments below!




 Photo Credit: Alisa Rauner Photography

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