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Revolve Fitness: A Love Letter


Thank you Revolve.

You made the last 4+ years of my life incredibly rewarding. You found me just at 
the right time - I had just stepped out of a haze of emotional upheaval, anxiety and 
double-team all day breastfeeding marathons. My preemies were strong and healthy 
toddlers and I was ready for the next challenge. You decided I was your girl and 
handed it to me. 

We started something special in DC, we did it right and created a baby. It was not 
just the way we did it, it was how: the method, the music, the experience and the 
PEOPLE we did it with.

We brought out the best in each other and they noticed. Our baby grew up and we 
moved to New York City.

You helped me land solidly, with no local street cred, in the dead center of the most 
competitively fierce fitness hub of the universe: Union Square. Holy shit did we 
have balls!! You got me noticed, followed and yeah, kinda stalked ;) You gave me the 
green light to flirt with and pull in the best talent possible. You helped me find the 
confidence to be myself and let my passion speak for itself. You showed me how to 
pimp myself ;) lol lol. But for all those reasons, we worked OUT.

Yeah, we made mistakes. Fought, got bitchy, complacent, left each other and then 
kissed and made up. Why? Cause we’re family lover!

I made waves and you rode them high. We inspired each other to do what was right, 
bring out the best qualities in each other. We hosted the party right boy!! 
I learned from you and evolved into the woman I want to be. You let me have the 
space and acceptance to do it.

Together we created some epic shit and they NOTICED!!

I love you and a part of me never wanted to leave you. I mean, we have a baby 
together. That history will be FOREVER. 

Moving forward is accepting change; avoid static and never letting ourselves feel 
stale or resentful. That’s just death. No one will ever really know what went down 
just between us. Relationships are consuming, layered, complicated and the most 
intimate details often cannot even be put into words.

But I’m breathing life into something new, thanks to YOU.


Stay tuned for my next steps and the redesign of this site!!!

My story as portrayed in the media:

Rate Your Burn 

Well + Good  

Incredible thank you to @rateyourburn and all the hotties digging the dirt. Your 
support help US grow. Mwwwwaaaaahhhhh




I'm back home in NYC from nearly a month of travel in both Europe (Spain and Denmark) and bum-fuck-middle-of-no-where Maine. Both trips were equally amazing, if not insanely different. I love going from fancy to dirty in a moments notice. I love travel and feel deeply grateful for having these beautiful experiences. More than anything, I love being home both in this city and in my pad on the Williamsburg waterfront. 

Keeping the staycation situation burning on both ends while my boys are away at sleepaway camp (HOLY SHIT WHEN DID THEY GET OLD ENOUGH FOR THIS???), here's my city TO DO list for the moment:

The Green Room Presents: Ghost Beach + DOM + Ayer + DREAMERS on Saturday August 9th @Brooklyn Night Bazzar tix: itsthegreenroom.com
Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney whitney.org/exhibitions/jeffkoons
Pilobolous Dance Company @ the Joyce joyce.org
Roman Polanski's latest film "Venus is Fur"
Finishing up "The Shadow of the Wind", a novel by Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafon www.amazon.com  

Dimes in Chinatown dimesnyc.com
Little Neck Outpost in Greenpoint littleneckbrooklyn.com
Mimi Cheng in East Village (fueling my dumpling addiction) mimichengs.com  

Lole in SoHo, new workout gear emporium CANNOT WAIT lolewome.com
Natori in Nolita, Japanese Lingere Designer (I'm an undercover princess and love me some lace) natori.com
Birch Box in Soho because I'm a product WHORE birchbox.com
Feather earrings from Harpo-Paris harpo-paris.com
No 6 in Nolita/Chinatown is having a great sale on vintage clothes and their custom clogs, which i live in no6store.com

Getting my long and sun-damaged dirty hair DONE at dreamdry.com
Slathering on Sephora's Super Supreme Body Butter sephora.com 

@RevolveNYC: I have a different schedule this summer so check the website. Starting next week my evening classes through Labor Day will be on TUESDAYS 6:30 / 7:30 and A FEW Monday 6:30's here and there. Per usual, I'm on Saturday mornings at 9AM and 10AM, but not every weekend. Come see me, listen and sweat your heart out.
Training at 184 Kent Gym. This spot is tricked out, spacious and, like my balcony above it, also on the water. Hit me up if you want in (open to trade services). 




ME, two summers ago after I had just done a month-long super strict cleanse in preparation for a photo shoot. What a skinny bitch I was! I know better now.

Once again, I’m getting ready for another shoot. Add to that, I’m turning 40 years old in less than a month and I determined to arrive feeling fucking amazing.  As if I needed another reason to get it together, I’m about to jet to the Mediterranean coast where I’ll likely want to stay in very small bikinis most of the day.

It bears repreating: diet is (almost) EVERYTHING when it comes to pulling yourself into summer / photo shoot / wedding / feeling fabulous / whatever mode.

Here’s what’s up this time around. I’m not a fan of strict cleanses at all, and I’m not on one. I’m not kidding when I called myself a bitch. People are miserable on cleanses and I don’t have time to be unhappy. Second, my body went right back to its normal set point, and that set point looks nothing like this photo.  Cleanses are just not sustainable.

Right now I’m eating the way I always eat, whole foods, lots of greens and lean protein like chicken and seafood. I have very little gluten, dairy and red meat.  I’m not willing to lose my morning double espresso or cut out things I love entirely. What I’ve tweaked is the wine and dessert situation to just once a week (down from every day!). BOOM. Now that's what makes a difference. I'm going easy on portion size. If you want a peak at what I eat on the regular, stay tuned for an upcoming Class Pass Blog on just that.

Exercise, obviously is important, but for me, it comes in a distance second to diet with respect to leaning out. THAT said I’m running outside 3x/week instead of just 2 and I’m doubling up my workouts. Here are a few of my weekly combo’s:

8 mile run / Hour hot yoga at Modo

90 minutes of my own (boot camp/plyometric/cross-fit inspired/cardio interval) workout at the gym / outdoor cycling to and from work (over the BBurg Bridge twice)

Indoor cycling class (at Revolve of course) / Brooklyn Body Burn

You get the point, I mix it up, do intervals inside, endurance outside, bootcamps, yoga and Brooklyn Body Burn (still the hardest workout that exists). I honestly don't want to hear that you don't have time or any other excuse. If you want it badly, wake up early or get it done late. There IS time, you just have to make it happen.

So that skinny beyatch will likely not make a return this year. I’d like to live happily thank you. (Plus who wants to fuck that?! Toned, tight and curvy? Yes please ;) Ha ha ha! You know I had to get a lil inappropriate.

Happy Spring, Sweat and Sipping LOVES!


bite me


I made these Energy "Bites"** for my endurance riders at Revolve this past weekend and they were such a massive hit that I made another batch for my Monday night hotties (who were on FIRE, as in energy through the roof, thanks to these guys served PRE class). I got a LOT of requests for the recipe, so here ya go!! Its pretty simple, but making the home made almond "mush" requires a super duper blender like a Vitamix and a way to strain the liquid out, as well as the time to soak overnight.

Also, the way i cook is really without any measuring. I just eye ball, taste, add and blend, so unfortunately my measurements are not very exact. You gotta play around with the ingredients to get the right consistency to roll them into balls.

For the first batch I used 3/4 of a bag of Chia Thins, that I bought at One Lucky Duck, but you can replace that with 1/2 cup Chia Seeds and some flax seeds, plus some almond meal.

**Note that I had originally called these babies Energy "Balls" but my fit-bestie Kira Stokes busted me on facebook so I had to re-name them Bites, as in BITE ME KS.

1 cup raw organic almonds
4 cups filtered water
3/4 bad of Chia Thins OR 1/2 cup chia seeds plus 1/4 cup flax seeds
1 cup dates
1/2 cup dark cocoa nibs or a bar of dark chocolate broken up
dried blueberries or rasberries - as many as you want
1/4 cup Lucuma Powder - also bought from One Lucky Duck
Goji Berries
shredded coconut - blended in blender
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 tablespoon cinnamon
pinch sea salt
Vanilla flavored liquid stevia - from Whole Foods
shredded coconut for rolling the outside

Make the "almond mush." This is the left over almond meat from when I make my almond milk batch every week. Soak the cup of almonds in water overnight. Drain and rinse. Blend the soaked almonds with 4 cups of fresh filtered water, two dates, stevia, vanilla and cinnamon to taste. Strain through a nut bag (no jokes please). Save the liquid almond milk for other use. The left over "mush" in the bag is what you use for the bites.

Blend the almond "mush" with the rest of the ingredients in a food processor until you get the right consistency. You may need to play with the proportions here and there. Once you get it thick and sticky, form into balls, size your preference, and roll in shredded coconut OR cinnamon / cocoa powder combination.

Put them in fridge to set for a few hours and voila! You have your energy bites to fuel you through life :)


Dishing on an Instructor Dinner Party

What the f*$k do I make for a bunch of people who use their bodies for a living exercising more than we care to divulge and scathed in tiny pieces of clothing on display in front of hundreds of NYC’ers on a daily basis?

When I decided to host a diner party for my Revolve Instructor Family, I knew I’d have to accommodate gluten-free, dairy free, vegetarian, and all around high maintenance people – I mean diets. Just the thought of temping them with naughty and delicious morsels sent me into a meal planning nirvana.

My first move was brilliant and the response entirely unexpected.


I unleashed homemade freshly baked bread as you can see here. I served it with roasted garlic butter (I roasted the garlic and mashed it up with high quality butter and salt in a mortal and pestle). I honestly thought no one would touch it!! I mean bread is pretty much the devil disguised as a white fluffy carbohydrate for us fitness freaks.

Well well well, wouldn’t you know they WENT TO TOWN (washing it down with copious amounts of wine was an afterthought). The bread chow down was so massive; we ended up with little to no room for the real meal when it was served! I had chicken, kale and quinoa salad for days as leftovers. This cute little display of indulgence just confirmed for me that, yeah, we get neurotic about eating clean and healthy, blah blah blah, but without a little cheating, in moderation, here and there, life is just NOT WORTH LIVING.

In addition to the bread (recipe on lockdown), I roasted two salt/herb-brined chickens, made a quinoa salad, my signature vegan Caesar Kale salad and, finally, what has become one of my favorite culinary creations:  

Eggplant w/Roasted Garlic Tomatoes Stacked to High Heaven

This dish is so easy to make but I have to be careful not to eat too much. Safe to save I’m obsessed with eggplant. I would eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I control myself. I’ts not “bad” for you per se, but when prepared with EVOO, can soak up a lot oil and becomes insanely caloric.

The same goes for the tomatoes. Nightshade veggies are my favorite and I have to be careful not to let them take the place of healthier and lighter green ones.

Eggplant sliced width wise into ½” rounds
Tomatoes sliced into ½” rounds
2-3 Garlic cloves minced
Basil leaves
Ricotta Basil Spread (see below)

Ricotta Spread Ingredients: all blended together in a food processor:
1 container of excellent quality ricotta – I get mine at Bedford Cheese shop
1-2 raw garlic cloves
half bunch of basil leaves
salt & pepper
1/3 cup grated parm cheese
¼ cup EVOO
¼ cup pine nuts or walnuts


Roast the tomatoes: preheat the oven to 250. Put the tomatoes in a glass dish or pie plate. Sprinkle the garlic, salt, oregano over the tomatoes then drizzle EVOO all over.

Roast for as long as possible, but at least 2 hours.

Roast the eggplant: Once the tomatoes are out, preheat the oven to 450. Lay the eggplant slices on paper towels or dish towels. Sprinkle salt on both sides and let sit for about 10 minutes. They will sweat. Pat them dry, then put them in a lightly oiled roasting pan. Drizzle EVOO on both sides. Roast for about 10 minutes, then flip and roast for another 10 minutes. Take them out to your desired “doneless” I love them browned on both sides, but not yet charred so they are still soft inside.

On a serving platter, layer the eggplant, a basil leave, a few tomatoes and then a dollop of the spread / ricotta. 

power of fitness


Just this morning a journalist asked me to answer this question for an article she is writing: "How can exercise empower you to live a better life?"

My response, below, came off the top of my head as I was simulaneously getting mysef and my kids ready for school. Re-reading it made me realize that the power is in balance. Fitness helps me balance all pieces of my life so that I can apply myself to what is really important. And that is not vanity, a perfect body or teaching to the masses. It is so much more.....

Here's my response. What's yours?

This is a hard question for me because fitness is and has been a huge part of my life and honestly, i've never known a life without it. So i'm not sure how powerless i'd be if I hadn't been dancing or working out. I will say that fitness has imparted on me a certain level of body awareness that has helped me move through different stages of my life, be it as an insecure teenager or a pregnant twin mom-to-be or a Sr. Master Instructor for a NYC studio. It has helped me know how far I can push myself and conversely, when to stop and take a break. I KNOW my body, its capabilities and its limits. That is powerful because it lets me live a holistic life where i can focus my energy on not just myself and fitness, but everything and everyone around me.
Oh god i'm rambling. let me know if this doens't make sense and i'll rephrase. But right now i gotta take my kids to school!!!

MY anti-resolution resolution


is all about shifting into the New Year; not making dramatic statements about change. 

This is quite the departure for me, because, let’s be honest: I’m a bit of a drama queen. I thrive on change and shaking things up. I rarely do things half-assed, I tend to jump right in, say before I think, react emotionally, make rash decisions and hit the send button waaaayyy to quickly. And that’s in my professional life!

My approach to my health and wellness in this New Year, however, is much more tame. I’m shifting my lifestyle ever so slightly. I don’t do resolutions because like many of you, they set me up for failure. What’s so special about January to make a change? Rushing headstrong into a completely different fitness and lifestyle routine – be it exercise or an extreme diet/cleanser – will only crash and burn.

So here are my anti-resolution fitness and health shifts that I am committed to lasting much longer than the month of January:


I am never ever going to give up my red wine. It just won’t happen and I enjoy it immensely so why should I? That said, instead of 2-3 classes per night, I’m moving over to drinking 3-4 nights a week and capping it at 2 drinks per night.


My sweet tooth is genetic. Growing up, my mom had dessert EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. She is 5 feet tall, 95 lbs and has stayed that way for as long as I have been alive. Genetics is the most powerful force that rules our bodies and minds. All that said, I am noticing that my 7 year old twin boys are “expecting” dessert nightly, as well as, as a reward for their good behavior. I do not want to set them up with a lifetime reliance on sugar that replaces healthier reward systems. For myself, I am cutting out dessert to once a week instead of nearly every night. If I’m doubled over in sugar withdrawals, I’ll allow myself one piece of chocolate or caramel to quench the craving after my kids have gone to sleep. For my kids: I’m getting rid of anything sugary in my house so there is no temptation.


My regular routine is non-negotiable and includes:

8-9 miles outside 3 times a week.

Teaching 3-4 cycle classes per week and taking 1-2

Crossfit / bootcamp self-trained sessions 2 times a week

1-2 Brooklyn Body Burn classes

And now for my SHIFT:

Three hot flow yoga classes at Modo or Prana (up from 1 per week)…its already changed my body and mind and helped me replaced some bad habits that I needed to let go of.



I woke up this morning, out of deep NyQuil fog, to find this pretty amazing review. It has resonated in my head and warmed me all day, even more so than my hot yoga class or sweaty treadmil run could. Holiday season can be emotionally intense as well as joyous for many. We inevitably reflect on what's missing from our lives in the face of getting jingle bells and cheer shoved down our throats. The ridiculously heavy drinking, eating and lack of sleep doesn't help matters either. This review made me feel deeply grateful in a moment of time when I'm missing something in my life. It helped me understand that we can get beyond rejection and disappointment, give our best, and in return receive the best gift possible: that of appreciation. Please spread THAT around this season.

Thank you BeFit.


i'm cheating


I have a new lover and her name is Yoga. I’m smitten and slightly addicted to her. She's replaced a lot of others in my life and I don’t want to let her go. I’m cheating on my runs, on my bike rides, on my Brooklyn Body Burn classes and on my boot camps. Yeeeaaah......and you know what? I have no guilt.

But she’s a handful and I never know what the situation will be with her. She goes from hot to cold in no time. When we’re together it can be steamy, intense and really fast or slow, steady and soft. Sometimes its purely physical and other times it gets all heady and cerebral. Whatever it is, I like that she switches up the game on me.

She helps me clear space when I’m with her, we dissipate those “things” that I don’t need in my body and mind much like her moves that take my muscle tightness, break it up and release it out to the atmosphere. I surrender to being just there in her space, with her energy and find myself consumed by her expectations and demands.  Its druggy.

I like to be with her in silence. I’m even ok with the awkward pauses and moments when I feel at a loss of what to say or do. Music has a way of guiding our moves and syncing us together like a freakin symphony  – electronic, hip hop, classic rock….its ALL good and has this cool way of coloring our experience ever so slightly.

I want to take her with me everywhere I go, I want to be with her nearly every day but I honestly don’t have the time for that. In fact, I can barely take more than an hour with her. I also don’t want to lose the new relationship excitement that we have going on. So I’m rationing her out to twice a week.

I’m really down with what she’s done to my body. Ever so slightly elongated, softer and she’s rounded my booty into just the shape it was meant to be. More important, I’m decidedly down with how easily she’s replaced the negative energy and thoughts in my mind with better feeling ones, even hours and days after we’ve left each other.

Now that’s a bitch worth fighting for.

Here’s where we’re getting down:

nyc.modoyoga.com in the West Village. This is my new SPOT. Lots of different classes, but the hot modo is the one for me. Slower flow, lots of heat, very sweaty and deep stretching. Amazing instructors.

Pureyoga.com on UES and UWS. Talk about a scandelous rendevous…this studio a love den and my hands down favorite instructor in the city is Scott. He’s amazing and I actually NEED his class, but Pure is a membership studio and its FAR from where I am all the time: Brooklyn and Downtown. Damn.

pranapoweryoga.com in Union Square. Its hot and fast and convenient. I take the noon time 1 hour classes. It gets the job done. Every instructor I’ve have there, expect one, has been solid.

Iamyoustudio.com in Little Italy is not a studio, its Lauren’s gorgeous loft and coming here you are kind of entering her life in a cool way. Her flow is fast and intense. I get so much of that in my other workouts that its not every day I can handle her, but when I do, she knows how to give it gooooood.

Namaste Lovers

seafood stew with deep dark vegetables


This is my favorite time of the year to cook. The weather is usually perfect to take time selecting ingredients at the farmers market in Union Square, in season produce is just a tad bit hardier and I love staying in to warm up our small apartment with heat generated in the kitchen.

I made this stew, first of the cold weater season, just the other night and I think it came out well. It was balanced with some delicate seafood, sturdy root vegetables and crisp white wine. There is no way it would have turned out as successful had I not been able to buy every single ingredient in the Union Square market, most importantly the seafood from the local fisherman. The freshness of all the elements is just paramount. This stew is now a close second favorite to my Moroccan Chicken Mash Up. Eat it right away pared with a crispy, complex Chardonnay or a smooth light-medium bodied red.


1 ½ pounds firm white fish, I used striped sea bass, cut into 2 inch chunks and sprinkles with salt and flour.

2 lbs mussels (they were huge and plump)

18 clams

½ pound scallops


One large eggplant, cubed and salted (for about 20 min)

About a dozen sweet fingerling potatoes, cubed

two small fennel bulbs – thinly sliced (I love to use the Mandolin)

half onion chopped

two large garlic cloves chopped

2 tablespoons tomato paste

1-2 heirloom tomatoes, chopped and liquid reserved

fresh thyme

bay leaf

1-2 cups clam juice

1 cup white wine (quality of wine must be good even though you are cooking with it!)

1 cup chicken broth or seafood stock

1 cup water

Chopped parsley to add at the end


Steam sweet potatoes until al dente. Rinse with cold water to stop cooking as soon as they are just shy of tender. Pat down eggplant, douse with olive oil and roast at 415 degrees for about 30 minutes or until they are slightly browned and soft.

Put both sweet potatoes and eggplant aside until you add to stew at the VERY end.

While those two veggies are cooking, heat a tablespoon of oliveoil and a few pats of butter over med-high heat in a large / deep pot. Brown the fish until the pieces are slightly crispy on all sides, but the fish is NOT done in the middle, put aside. Using just a lil butter is OK and renders a really nice crispy brown exterior to pan frying.

Using the same pot, wipe away any extra oil or add more if necessary. You should have about 2 tablespoons of liquid. Over medium heat, add chopped onion, fennel, and garlic and sauté until translucent – about 5-8 minutes depending.

Add tomato paste, fresh thyme and bay leaf and stir for a minute. Add clam juice, white, water and stock. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes to blend flavors.

Add clams to pot, cover and let them open – about 4 min. As soon as they are open, add the mussels and scallops. Shake that around gently a few times and as soon as the mussels are open, add the eggplant, sweet potatoes and finally the fish placed gently on top.

Cover and let the last three additions warm up – this should take only a few minutes.  Carefully with a long big serving spoon, plate the stew so that you are digging, getting all the ingredients, a cup or so of broth and a piece or two of fish to place on top. Garnish with chopped parsley and add S/P to taste.

YUMMY dig in bitches!

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